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10 things to kill your CV

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

CV is a professional document. It provides information about of job seeker, to the employer. Rather, we can say that its works as a BRIDGE between the employee and going-to-be employer.

To make sure your CV is perfect, free from the following things: -

1.Never use the stylish font.

Stick with the standard one. Don’t change the color of the fonts.

How can one use orange and red colors to underline your achievements??

2. Size of the font is such that your resume is readable.

Make sure it’s not too small to use a magnifier to read or too large that seems that the resume contains only headlines.

3. Your contact details are the way for the recruiter or HR Professional to reach you. Don’t make them take extra efforts to find your contact details.

4. One email Id is enough to communicate with you. Listing three or four different mail IDs is total wastage of space.

5. Don’t mention more than two contact numbers (Thanks to Jio). And make sure entered contact numbers are in working condition. Recruiters are with more valuable work, other than calling on different numbers.

6. Don’t forget to mention your branch/specialization/ specific area of work.

7. Previous experience must be in chronological order (with the year).

8. Educational qualification, certificate courses, PG programs, etc. should be in one section.

9. Don’t mention the achievements from your primary school, esp. stood first in Musical Chair competition, in 3rd standard (?).

10. Name of your attached resume (attached to mail or uploaded on the job site) should not be like resume.doc, mycv007.doc,, etc.

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