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12th edition of Hyderabad Marathon which is participated by over 20,000 runners will be held in Aug

Hyderabad Runners the city based running group completes 16 years and celebrates 16th Anniversary. To mark and celebrate the occasion a symbolic 5K Run was organised. 150 runners of all walks joined in the celebration.

They ran from Jalvihar to Lumbini Park and returned to the point they started.

Hyderabad Runners have also taken a pledge for safe health and safe environment organised by GHMC as part of *Meri Life,Mera swachh shehar* campaign awareness. GHMC Khairatabad circle AMOH, SFAs and Sanitation staff participated in a 5K run along with Hyderabad Runners.

What started small with 15 people who met at KBR Park today has grown to be known as one of the best running communities in the country. It has 8000 members from all parts of the twin cities.

Hyderabad Runners Society organizes the Hyderabad Marathon in the month of August every year, which has become one of the most preferred marathon events in India. About 20,000 runners from all over India visit Hyderabad to take part in the Hyderabad Marathon. This year’s marathon event is scheduled on 27th Aug 2023, as the 12th edition of Hyderabad Marathon.

Speaking on the occasion Abhijit Madnurkar, President of Hyderabad Runners Society said, anything you do in the morning is fitness. Run, walk, skip, ride, skate anything that you do in the morning is very important to the good health of the people he said

Speaking further he said, Pandemic has changed the way we run. Awareness for fitness has increased many fold. The Running community in the city is one of the best in India.

Hyderabad Runners aims to achieve a fit, athletic and active Hyderabad, by reaching out to every corner of the city.

We have an ambitious program, Couch to 5K training program. It helps new people to get into running. We helped more than 5000 newbies to start running and lead an active lifestyle since its inception in 2015, said

Arun, the Secretary of Hyderabad Runners Society said, Couch to 5k is Hyderabad runner’s initiative to help people who aspire to become runners and bring an active lifestyle. This program is driven by experienced runners & group mentors. It is available at various locations in Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

Many people are turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast. Their bodies rebel and they wind up miserable.

The minimum age to register for this is 10 Years. The training for 8 weeks. It is just three days Mon, Wed & Sa a week between 6 AM to 7 AM across 40 different locations in the city. The fee is very nominal, he said.

Recreation and Child Health (REaCH) is another initiative that aims to teach the importance of physical activity at an early age and promote a healthy lifestyle in children & young adults, Abhijit added.

Another initiative is the Train & Shine training program to achieve running goals and make a runner a better & efficient runner.

Hyderabad Runners Society has been instrumental in the transformation of thousands of individuals and families to take up active lifestyles leaving behind their sedentary past. The group promotes responsible running with safety and being injury-free as the key focus areas for all the runners associated with it.

Registered as a not-for-profit NGO, Hyderabad Runners Society organizes flagship programs like Couch to 5K, Marathon Training and Outdoor Kids training etc.. on a regular basis throughout the year. Blood Donations and CPR Training Sessions are some of the social causes that Hyderabad Runners have been involved in recently. All the major running events by Hyderabad Runners have charity partners to raise awareness and funds for various NGOs working for the respective causes.


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