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Behind the success of every working woman, there are many working women: Neha Dhupia

Behind the success of every working woman, there are many working women, said Neha Dhupia, beauty pageant, model and actress in a session on Bold & Beautiful organised by YFLO on Monday.


She reminded the audience that she won the title of Femina Miss India in the year 2002 in Hyderabad. I can’t forget the moment. I love the city very much. 


Neha Dhupia was in conversation with Aarthi Shah, Chairperson of YFLO (Young FICCI Ladies Organisation) which held a session, ‘Bold & Beautiful’ a candid conversation in a city Hotel in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on Monday. 

Giving her opening remarks Aarthi Shah said today we are in the company of a woman who epitomizes the bold and beautiful spirit that defines our organization. Neha Dhupia has not only conquered the Bollywood industry but also has become an inspiration for women across the nation. Her journey is a testament to the strength, resilience, and beauty that lies within each one of us.


In a conversation that lasted over 45 minutes was attended by 200 plus YFLO and FLO members. 


Neha spoke about her journey to a beauty pageant, career, marriage, kids, family and work-life balance


Replying to a question on work-life balance she said there is nothing like that happens on a day-to-day basis. You can balance over a period. Balance comes out of totality and understanding of life. 


22 years ago, when I landed in Mumbai with my Samsung suitcase for a beauty pageant, I left the key of the suitcase back at my home in Delhi. That was the first time I left home, and flew in an aircraft. I had to check into the hotel and get ready in 15 minutes in a different outfit. I broke open the suitcase. It was the first lesson I learnt. Little things in life make you believe that you carry out your challenges very well


Each generation has its own set of challenges. We had ours and the current generation has their own set of challenges. Life is never easy. Though newcomers have many more avenues and opportunities they have that many more challenges. They compete with each other. Their struggle is five times more than our generation of pageants and actresses, she explained. 


Speaking about ups and downs, successes and failures, she said success is fine, but failures teach a lot. Whatever the outcome may be, stay humble, she said. Be nice, be grateful to everybody she added


Speaking about how things changed from her days and now, she said business changed. There is a disruption everywhere. Now OTT has come. Digital, Working From home, watching from home, AI(Artificial Intelligence), and ChatGPT have become part of our lives. These days everybody is busy making Reels. 


Whether you like it or not, social media is part of our life. I am very active in Insta grammar. I have my set dos and don’ts for myself and my kids. I am against exposing kids on social media. I don’t post their pictures. I am not against those parents who like to do it. It is my way of handling my kids she added


Speaking further about social media and the time one spends, Neha said we will only know the value of time when we spend unproductively on social media. Today many people are sleep-deprived because of social media. 


Talking about body positivity, the actress said, everybody has their issues. Whatever it may be, love your body, be healthy and be positive, she said. Practice self-love. I have cut down my social circle, she shared


2023 has not been good for us. I have lost my father-in-law. The year 2024 looks promising. I am excited about it. I am working on four new projects. I am also working on an OTT show dealing with mental health. I am also producing a show in January. The year 2024 is going to be packed with activities. 


Replying to a question about why many kids of Fauji have been successful in beauty pageants, Neha Dhupia said beauty pageants are a gateway to success and glory. Many Fauji children are made bigger than others. The reason for that could be their exposure. Fauji children possess better social skills than others as they keep moving, making new friends, and getting adjusted to new circumstances. 



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