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Benefits of ' GREEN ENERGY '

There are many sources of environmentally friendly or green energy that is available to us today. Unfortunately, most of them are not in use by the masses despite the many benefits of choosing green energy sources as opposed to other, more traditional forms of nonrenewable energy.

While it is true that some of these sources work better in certain climates, the potential of each source has many benefits. There are six major benefits to choosing green energy which include the following:

1. Decrease Harmful Emissions – Nonrenewable forms of energy release emissions that trap heat and increase the average temperatures of the globe which leads to global warming. Continued emissions from nonrenewable sources will lead to further climate changes that will be harmful both to human health and to the environment.

2. Replenished Energy Source – Green energy is readily available and, more importantly, readily replenished. Sun, heat, water, and plants are the major sources of green energy and they are all easy to access and easy to replenish as opposed to the current sources of nonrenewable fossil fuels that are used by most homes and businesses.

3. Consistent Energy Prices – The cost of current nonrenewable energy resources is in a constant state of flux which leads to uncertainty and confusion around the globe. However, green energy can help to keep prices stable because after the upfront cost of building a renewable energy source, the cost of maintaining and running that source is consistent

4. Increased Reliability – A green source of energy is more reliable when it comes to severe weather conditions that might otherwise cause catastrophic repercussions. For instance, solar energy and wind energy are both stored so they always have reserves of energy available to be used despite any sort of harmful weather conditions.

5. Stimulate the Economy – The green energy industry requires laborers to work on the systems while much of the nonrenewable energy industry is mechanized which means that more places utilizing green energy could lead to more jobs.

6. Improve Our Health – Green energy sources would not emit the same number of pollutants and in fact many of them would emit no pollutants at all. This would lead to better overall health among the citizens of the world. While some places have begun to take renewable energy sources more seriously it is vitally important that more individuals, homeowners, business owners, and government employees begin to understand the far-reaching benefits that green sources of energy have to offer.

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