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Celebration is Necessary

Celebration is necessary !!!

And it is an important part of our personal life as well as social life.

Celebration is one of the biggest opportunities for an entrepreneur, to connect with their employees, strengthen the bond with customers, to develop a healthy relationship with every stakeholder.

If you want your staff to truly be their best selves and stick around, it is important that you celebrate their good work and your appreciation of it. It's one of the biggest opportunities to develop a culture of joy and gratitude , at the workplace and help them to create a ' tension-free environment ', which will result in increased productivity. We need to out of the notion that work is work and a paycheck is its own reward. Create a space that is positive, appreciative, and celebratory and see how much better work gets for everyone involved, including you.

What do you take time to celebrate?

Your birthday?

A new baby in the family?

The purchase of a new home?

The start of a new business?

Independence Day?

And many more occasions....

But, why to celebrate ?

To feel good?

To enjoy the social life ?


Life at work is busy, and we operate based on this busyness. We don’t take all of our vacation days. We stay connected to our phones outside of the office. Instead, we move right on to the next thing. We do not take sufficient time to stop and celebrate the good work being done. We think we do not have enough time or money for such recognition. We do not see the value or importance of celebrating our accomplishments. We take our staff and their work for granted. And we wonder why people are burnt out, disengaged and fed up.

Staff needs to know that their work is appreciated, that you notice what they are doing. Yes, self-motivation goes a long way but for most people, it only goes so far. If you are a manager, it is essential that your team knows how much you appreciate their work. Not only will this make them feel good, it will help ensure they stick around. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to do what they do best, and most people desire some type of recognition for it. As a boss, this is the very least you can do to keep your staff motivated and engaged.

Another reason celebrating is important is that, in order to function effectively, we need consistent breaks and rest throughout the day and throughout our days. Research shows that what we believe is a demonstration of our hard work and efficiency is actually not an efficient way to work at all. Working non-stop is not efficient. Our brains and our bodies function better when we give them both a chance to rest and recharge. Celebrating gives us that opportunity. Whether it’s cake in the break room or a dedicated 10 minutes in a meeting, celebrating allows us to take our minds off of the task at hand and focus on another important task on hand- recognition and appreciation for all that has been done.

Celebrating as a team also helps build and deepen relationships among team members. For starters, it naturally bonds people through a shared positive experience. Secondly, this time where team members can talk and get to know one another can help develop their relationships which in turn will improve team functioning. As people get to know one another on a more personal level, this will help them work together more effectively on a professional level. Sharing in something fun and positive helps your staff see you and each other in a different light. Unfortunately, in far too many offices, people have limited interaction with one another and only know as much as is required to complete the task at hand. This does not allow the necessary time to understand how people best work together, what drives people and how to best communicate with one another. Providing more opportunities for staff to get to know each other, particularly in a relaxed and natural (celebratory!) setting, will help.


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