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Change - It's inevitable

Change is inevitable. More and more organizations today face a dynamic and changing environment. “Change or die.” Change for survival. Survival in today’s global economy, in a lot of restrictions, lockdown, and every other thing...

And what if, there were no lockdown, or we face 'normal' years, still Organizations need to change. Right?

Organizations to be flexible and adapt readily to the ever-changing situations, it can be a marketplace, can be changed in policy, can be a shortage of raw material, etc.

Change is the only constant thing in nature. And we celebrate the change, with pride and proud, as tradition. whatever be the psychological or social aspects, we, as Indians, celebrate the ' Change ', as a festival.

Today is 14 January. An auspicious Day, on which God Sun - God of Energy, transits into Capricorn, hence the day is celebrated as MAKAR SANKRANTI

Happy MakarSankranti

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