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City’s Creative Media School, IACG Multimedia College, bags global recognition — as the “Rookies Certified School”

IACG Multimedia College (International Academy of Computer Graphics), receives The Rookies Certified School Certification. 


The Certification shows that IACG Multimedia College is among the world’s finest, Rama Krishna Polina, Founder & Managing Director of IACG informed in a press note issued in the city today.


It is the only Indian Institute out of over 4000 education institutions and academies in Media and Entertainment space to have received Rookies Accreditation – informed Rama Krishna Polina, Founder & Managing Director of IACG Multimedia in a press note issued in the city today.


With this coveted recognition IACG Multimedia College’s Visual Effects, 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Game Art & Design programs are acknowledged as a Rookies Certified School.


Based in Australia, The Rookies is a highly respected resource. Getting certified by The Rookies is a stamp of prestige for any school. It shows that the school is among the world’s finest in delivering quality education for its students.


This accreditation is awarded to the very best schools that provide the most up-to-date and relevant training and education for students aspiring to work in creative media industries.


IACG is the city’s 22 years pioneering Multimedia Institution and a name to reckon with for Gaming, Animation, VFX and Art & Design education as well as a production house that worked for many movies of great success and the director known the world over receives global recognition as


IACG is Asia’s first Academic Partner of UNREAL ENGINE, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool.


IACG Multimedia College offers an array of comprehensive full-time graduation and postgraduate programs. These programs cater to various specializations including Gaming, Animation, VFX, and Art & Design


Recognizing the need for foundational education in multimedia and computer science, IACG has recently introduced Intermediate courses in CGA (Computer Graphics & Animation) and CS (Computer Science) for students who have completed their 10th standard. These programs are aimed at providing students with early exposure to career options in these fields, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue advanced studies in multimedia and computer science.


IACG expanded its educational offerings to include 1-year and 2-year Diploma courses.


The role of computer graphics in today’s life has become very important as computer graphics are viewed as the intersection of design and computer science, to delight and engage audiences.


Computer graphics today is a core technology in many areas such as digital photography, film, video games, digital art, mobile phones and computer displays, and many specialized applications.


We have seen the impact of Computer-generated imagery (CGI), in the success of many recent movies Avatar, Bahubali, RRR, Eega, and Hanu-Man opened doors to storytelling possibilities previously considered impossible. CGI effects enable filmmakers to create breathtaking fantasy worlds, fantastical creatures, and mind-bending visual effects. CGI has enriched cinematic experiences expanded the boundaries of imagination and contributed to the box office success of many movies. Today movies without make-to-believe real-life CGI, films are not doing too well.


Computer Generated Images were prevalent in movies for many years. But, movies like Avatar, Baahubali, and RRR and their success made people recognize their importance. However, extensive use is reaching its peak now. Hence there is a lot of demand for trained professionals. And IACG stands as numerous uno and is among the best in the world.

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