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All About Cover Letter

Updated: May 20, 2021

Is it necessary?

What should I write in a cover letter? Do I need to write a cover letter?

I am an experienced professional, I don’t need it?

Do you such questions in your mind?

Let us find your answer in this blog.

Is a Cover letter necessary?

Yes, Cover Letter is equally necessary as your CV is. Necessary for all job seekers. They are better than any resume.

An experienced person has more chance to show the skill set to a future employer or HR professional or recruiter, in minimum time.

Is CV is not enough? Why the cover letter?

You need to send your CV to an HR professional, along with the cover letter. A cover letter is your first interaction, with your to-be-employer. It is an opportunity for a job seeker, to mark a positive impression, with a well composed, short, and sharp cover letter.

If you are posting a CV, without attaching a cover letter, though all the necessary certificates are attached, it is like you dropped a letter in the post office box, without the address on it.

Remember No one has the extra time, nor the interest to read each and every word of your resume. A cover letter is a chance, for you, to present yourself, before appearing for the interview. You can refer to it as a pre-interview round. Or pre-interview selection. It increases your chances of getting a call for an interview.

Why so much weight for a cover letter?

A well-composed cover letter reveals so many things about the candidate.


clarity of thoughts,

willingness to do a job,

the reason you are looking for the opportunity,

how organized he or she is?

and some more.

Some of the organizations ask the job seeker to submit a hand-written cover letter and resume. Yes, you are right. To analyze the personality, with the help of Graphology here.

What should I include in the Cover letter?

It is the first step to get a job. What is most important here, is the clarity of thoughts.

Why you need a job?

How serious are you, about the opening?

What can you do for the organization?

If required and necessary, you can mention the reason why are looking for a new job? ( relocation, lockdown, etc. ) or why there is a gap in your career? It will increase the chances of getting shortlisted.

Honesty is the best policy. Don't hide the required details, nor add any unnecessary essays.

Never share the same cover letter with every recruiter or for every opening you are applying for.

The cover letter is an investment. Make it wisely.

All the best for job hunting ...

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