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We Care Foundation & Medanta Hospital Collaborate for Breast Cancer Awareness

We Care Foundation, in conjunction with Medanta Hospital, Lucknow, made significant strides in raising awareness about breast cancer by hosting a comprehensive Breast Cancer Awareness Camp at Vardaan International Academy. The event provided expert medical advice and showcased valuable insights from organizers and experts involved in the cause.

Dr. Renu Singh, President of We Care Foundation, shared her vision, stating, "Our mission at We Care Foundation is to educate, empower, and eradicate. Breast cancer affects millions, and through events like these, we aim to create a society where knowledge is power. Early detection can lead to successful outcomes, and our foundation is dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to this life-saving information."

Dr. Abhishek Krishna, Associate Consultant at Medanta Lucknow and a specialist in Endocrine and Breast Surgery, emphasized the importance of dispelling myths and providing accurate information. "Events like these are crucial in providing accurate information. Early detection and awareness can save lives, and our aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge needed for proactive healthcare."

Reflecting on the event, Dr. Anita Singh, Director of KK Hospital and a respected Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist in Lucknow, stressed the shared responsibility of educating the community. "The more we know about breast cancer, the better equipped we are to detect it early and seek appropriate medical attention. Our collective efforts can create a significant impact."

Chief Guest Aparna Yadav ji, a notable politician and social activist in Uttar Pradesh, expressed her appreciation for the initiative. "I am honored to be a part of this event. Public figures have a responsibility to raise awareness about important issues like breast cancer. The unity showcased here is commendable and inspiring, encouraging others to participate actively in such initiatives."

Richa Kanna, Principal of Vardaan International Academy and a key organizer, highlighted the event's role in education and prevention. "We are grateful for the support from Medanta Hospital and We Care Foundation. Events like these not only educate but also foster a sense of community and solidarity in our fight against breast cancer."

The organizers and experts collectively believe that events of this nature serve as a catalyst for change, promoting open dialogue and proactive engagement in promoting overall community health.


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