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FLO adapted Telia Rumal craft and impacted the weavers: Ritu Shah

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) adopted a craft and promoted the historical craft of Telia Rumal, the weave which is said to have been patronised once by the Hyderabad aristocracies, informed Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO.  A team of FLO members along with Ritu Shah have travelled to Puttapaka village in the city outskirts.  The village is known for its craft.

I was very passionate about promoting the historical craft of Telia Rumal hand weave. Telia Rumal is a method for the oil treatment of yarn. It originated from different parts of both Telugu states.  The history of Telia Rumal goes back to the 19th century. The weave is patronised once by the Hyderabad aristocracies.  The royalty of Hyderabad is said to have fallen in love with it, she said.  

Due to our sustained effort in the last 10 months, we have impacted 6 women entrepreneurs and made this craft known to such an extent that Telangana’s ‘Telia Rumal’ has gone global and was showcased at the G20 meeting, Ritu Shah said while interacting with the weavers.

She said this craft was adopted under my theme on Sustainable Development and aligns with the UN SDGs.

Through our efforts, we got the village a grant of Rs. 30 lakh from the government of Telangana.  More than 200 pieces of garments could reach the nook and corner of the country highlighting its importance, she revealed.  

FLO Donated 4800 Sanitary Pads, Two Mobile Toilets, Sanitary Pads Vending Machine and an incinerator through the hands of a Collector in the past in the village.  It also adopted Puttapaka Village. Organised Free Speciality Health Check camp for 800 village women.

The FLO members interacted with artists in the village on Saturday.  They also checked out how beautiful garments are made out of Telia Rumal craft.

The FLO team also interacted with Mr. Bhaskar, the Sarpanch of Puttapaka village which is the centre for Telia Rumal craft.  He Puttapaka and Koyyalgudem, two villages are involved in the craft.  Together they produce Telia Rumal Fabric worth Rs 5 crore a month. But, they don’t have buyers.  What they need is marketing help, design intervention, online promotion and financial support from the government in terms of interest-free loans.  Nearly 1000 families depend on this dying craft, he said.  He appreciated the efforts of FLO in popularising their craft.  FLO helped us in the market development by allowing us to participate in Style Tatva.  FLO has intervened in many aspects and helped us a lot, he added

The FLO today concluded their year-long activity for the promotion of the craft.  

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