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Funeral Workers are the most neglected, least cared Covid Warriors

Mr. VC Sajjanar, VC and MD, TSRTC unveils the Best Signature Contest, a fundraising initiative for the unacknowledged and overlooked profession ‘Funeral Workers’ in a function held in T-Hive, eGalleria Mall, Hi-Tech City Madhapur on Wednesday afternoon.

Crematorium Workers ensured dignity in death in case of many people who succumbed to Covid, said Mr. VC Sajjanar, VC & MD, TSRTC addressing a 100 plus gathering immediately launching the Best Signature Contest. For so many, losing loved ones to Corona meant was not even been able to say a final goodbye. But, these workers rose to the occasion putting their lives in danger. It is a noble thought of JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad. He congratulated the Chapter for embarking on the novel project and asked them to take it up national. Jaycees have done great job, he appreciated them.

If Covid years were turbulent years, this year is an year of gratitude. He wished them all the very best in their endeavour. He assured them full support.

After launching Mr Sajjanar filled in his application form to participate in Best Signature Contest and contributed for the cause

The launch was graced by Mr K.V. Nagendra Prasad, Head TOD Ops., Retail Leasing, Advt. Busi-L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd; Mrs Anandita Sinha, Head Corporate Communications, L & T Metro Rail(Hyderabad) Ltd.; Mr Girish Bhatt, MD and Mr Manohar Bhatt, Director, Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd; Mr Chalam C.S & Mr Anil Kumar Siddu, Founders - Senior Experts; Mr P. Veerabhadrudu, Director, Sri Dhanalakshmi Enterprises; Mr Anil Dundoo, President, KCGF Budhapurnima; Mr Raghuraj, Worshipful Master, Lodge Keys No. 297.; JC. Ramesh Dadigala, Zone President, Zone XII, JCI India and Rotarian Kavya Kyasa.

Covid taught us many lessons said Anandita. The most valuable piece of land on earth is grace yard said JC Ramesh Dadigala.

Chalam and Anil Siddu of Senior experts said we respect Doctors, Judges…. all other professions. Why we tray funeral workers with respect. Girish Bhatt of Medihauxe said covid taught us many lessons.

It is an initiative of JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad (JCIBPH). It aims to provide succor and alleviate the suffering of 4000 funeral workers working in nearly 500 crematoriums and graveyards in Hyderabad and adjoining areas living in abject poverty, deprived of a dignified life says Rakesh Dhannarapu, President, JCIBPH. We aim to raise rupees five lakh through this initiative. Through the funds raised, we will support the school education of their children, their health insurance, improvements in their working conditions and their safety.

Funeral workers are not last respondents but they are last buddies said Rakesh Dhannarapu

The mortuary professionals were left out of the conversation most of the time. They need our help now. For the first time in the history of Hyderabad, an initiative is planned to raise funds to help them. Their toil and selfless service to give an honourable burial/cremation to the departed during Covid-19 caught the world's attention. Sadly their situation remains the same. Let us together we can make a difference in their lives, Rakesh said.

Giving details, Rakesh explained that the Best Signature Contest is a novel concept. To participate via online, please visit People interested may participate with a contribution of a minimum of Rs 500/- and above. They have to give three signatures. The best signatures will be judged by a panel of judges comprised of a banker, a graphologist, a calligrapher, a forgery expert, a police and a celebrity. The judging parameters are Coherence to the name of the person (whether we can read the name from the signature or not); strokes that are used to depict the signature; the complexity of the signature to avoid easy forgery; signature which is steady, uniform and also beautiful.

The winners will walk away with Rs 25000/-; Rs 15000/-; Rs 10,000/- as first, second, and third prizes respectively, courtesy of our partners Medihauxe Pharma Pvt. Ltd; Senior Experts, Sri Dhanalaxmi Enterprises. Five consolation prizes of Rs 1000/-each will be given. The initiative is partnered with several organizations such as T-Hive, eGalleria Mall; Rotract Club, Hyderabad East; Secunderabad Rotract; KCGF Budhapurnima; Lodge Keys No. 297; PR Creatives; Wow Villages Rural Tourism Vlog.

It was in January this year, JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad published a New Year 2022 Calendar, saluting Funeral workers among others. It was not merely launched but personally handed over much to their surprise which resulted in some touching moments, and made a funeral worker got tears in his eyes

We only knew how we survived the pandemic with the increased workload, almost twenty hours of workload, and measly wages. We have seen the hell they shared. This is the first time we were ever cared for, invited, honoured and appreciated for our services, observed Shanti Kumar, a Manager from Bansilalpet Crematorium. He along with his two other colleagues graced the Best Signature Contest unveiling function.

For more details and forms for participation, please get in touch with JC. Santosh on 903120 01980, Jc Sailesh on 9951143775 or Jc Mahitha on 8179740415

For media queries please get in touch with Rakesh Dhannarapu, President of JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad on Mobile: 9959963688.

About JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad:

JCI Budhapurnima Hyderabad is a local chapter of Junior Chamber International, a non-profit global organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It is a 107 year old organization, spread across 124 countries. Currently, it has over 200,000 active members and more than one million graduates, in over 6,000 communities.

Some of the well-known JCI Alumni Include:

Five American Presidents and Six Prime Ministers of Japan were its alumni. The others include KOFI ANNAN — Ghana Former U.N. Secretary General, member of the Macalester College, Minnesota., U.S.A. Jaycees; TARO ASO — Japan Prime Minister; PRINCE ALBERT OF MONACO; GEN. HUGO BANZER SUAREZ— Bolivia President of Bolivia (1971-1978); SPENCER BATISTE — England Member of Parliament (England); JAN KRZYSZTOF BIELECKI —Former PM of Poland


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