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Goddess Durga - Symbol of Leadership

The spirit of Nvartri is at its highest peak, these days, in India. Each day of Navratri is very special. Goddess Durga worshipped, in nine different avatars, in these nine days. Indian festivals are for sharing happiness and joy, along with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Navratri is not an exception.


Goddess Durga comes to us in 9 different avatars (forms), on the 9 days of Navratri. A Leader or a manager has to be ready to fit anywhere and be ready to wear a different hat, as required by the situation.

Be with yourself, with an eye on the goal. But, don't be stubborn. Be flexible. Adapt your style, manner and involvement as per the situation on hand.

Vision: Have you ever seen the statue of Maa Durga? Then, what is the first thing that catches your attention?

Yes, it's the eye... Big, Clam, beautiful, yet watchful eyes.

Big eyes are a symbol of having a 360-degree vision so as to know where one needs to reach. But just knowing the destination does not complete the journey. The watchfulness symbolizes a constant eye on your goal. While watchfulness is desirable, the goddess' serene visage also cautions us to bear equanimity within us. A composed leader can accomplish much more than an agitated one.

Be your own Strong Link:

Networking...Just how one Goddess Durga binds millions of hearts together in worship and faith - be the link that binds people together.


The word Durga, from the root word 'durgam' itself, embodies fearlessness. Remaining true to our convictions in the face of each adversity, however, big or small it may be, gives us an unshakeable inner strength. The stronger we are from the inside, the more fearless we are perceived on the outside. These three together go a long way in ensuring success in the long run. Goddess Durga rides a tiger - it's a metaphor showing - A fearless being can go on to tame problems and situations even as fierce as a tiger and come out the winner.


Multi-tasking is a need of time, it not only saves time but also keeps us mentally active. It makes us independent of the vagaries of time and resources. Durga Maa with her eight hands epitomizes the word 'multi-tasking.

Leadership is gender independent:

When all other powerful Gods failed to stop the unstoppable demon Mahishasura, the supreme being too had to take the form of Goddess Durga to vanquish the unconquerable. And herein lies the biggest lesson our society and management world can learn - leadership qualities are gender independent!

Happy Navratri !!


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