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Home Minister Mahmood Ali gave away TCEI Manepally 5th Stri Shakti Awards 2022

The Home Minister of Telangana Mahmood Ali presented the TCEI Manepally 5th Stri Shakti Awards 2022 at a function held at Hitex on Thursday night.

Bigala Ganesh, MLA; Sandeep Sultania, Principal Secretary Panchayat Raj, Rural Development & Tourism and Culture; Dr. Chinnam Reddy, Director, NITHM and office bearers of TCEI Mr Balram, President; Ravi Bura, General Secretary; Farha Kudari – Convener - TCEI Manepally Stri Shakti 2022.; Prabha Chowdhary – CLO - TCEI Manepally Stri Shakti 2022; Muralikrishna – MD, Manepally; Fashion Designer Gaurang Shah; Shipra Gandhi – Founder, Spreading Happiness and others graced the award function.

The recipients among others include the founder of India's first registered event management company.

Telangana Chamber of Events Industry (TCEI), a not-for-profit professional organization of event industry professionals

The awards were presented to the four winners of the Stri Ratna award. They include Dr Meenakshi Anantaram, CEO of Razzmatazz, the first registered Event Management Company in India.

The second person chosen was Dr. Nomula Hemalatha, Gynaecologist, Raghava Nursing Home, Vavilala from Karimnagar Dist. She dared to work in a place where even men dare to go. She has been doing selfless service to the people of Vavilala for the past 35 years.

The third distinguished person handpicked was Smt. Satya Lakshmi, a senior member of Self-Help Group, Bachanapet, Jangaon.

The fourth person chosen was Ms. Shantha K Kohn, founder and director of Coachlife, Asia., but she couldn't make it to the function.

Three Stri Ratna awardees were presented with the Stri Ratna Award along with others in a special awards function held on Thursday night at Hitex.

Speaking on the occasion immediately after presenting Stri Ratna awards, the Home Minister said Stri symbolises Shakthi. Seventy per cent of teachers are women. 55 percent of our population is women. Women should be encouraged. Awards are rewards for excellence. From power shortage, water problems and many other problems Telangana today has had all-round development in the last 8 years, he said.

The many women from different fields have proven their mettle and scaled newer heights and achieved a lot of success. But the government can't recognize all of them. What TCEI is doing is a great job, said Ganesh Bigala, MLA.

The awards function was earlier inaugurated by Sandeep Suntania. Addressing the gathering he said women are powerhouses. They have abundant talent. 25 years ago, especially the rural women were just confined to their household chores. Today we have 45 lakh self-help groups. Banks who never trusted any are lending Rs 15000 crore loans per annum to these women without any collateral. In the last two years alone two lakh rural women got into self-help groups and ventured into business.

Muralikrishna – MD, Manepally said it was a proud moment for their enterprise to associate with the awards function.

TCEI President Balram said TCEI is unique and only one if it’s a kind of organization in the country.

Stri Shakti Awards are divided into 3 categories STRI RATNA. This category of awards was given to Industry Legends by nomination to exceptionally talented women with Valuable contributions to Industry Growth.

STRI MURTI was given to established individuals with experience of 10-15 years. They are Role models and should have contributed to Industry Excellence and Innovation.

STRI SHAKTI was given to future leaders with an Experience of 05- 10 years.

The Stri Murthy award winners include Mrs. V Shanthi; RJ Prateeka; Ms. Andal Durbha; Ms. Harini Prabhu; Ms. Sunanda Rao; Dr. Smitha Madhav, Ms. Priyanka Reddyar; Ms. Ragini Muralidharan; Smt. Anita Muktha Shourya; Smt. Laxmi Devi and Mrs. Chukka Laxmi.

The awards were given to 50 plus Women Entrepreneurs and Special Women Achievers in all three categories put together from the field of Events, Exhibitions, Entertainment, Hospitality, Women Empowerment, Social Service, Women Health Administrative Affairs and Public Life in three categories based on their experience:

This year TCEI has chosen 5 women achievers from Self Help Groups and five women officers of the police department for Stri Shakti Award.

TCEI is a platform for event professionals to converge, network, learn, share, and resolve challenges related to the industry.


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