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How to make the most out of Remote Meetings?

The way of working is changed and shifted, in every sector, to follow the precautions and to take care of everyone. Remote meetings are an inevitable part of the new normal. Not only for the industry but also many doctors, lawyers, and many other professionals are using it, to get connected with their valuable customers, team members, etc.

Certain challenges also arise, with rising work from home hours. Adapting to new technology, get friendly with the smartphone/laptop, bringing all the team members on the same page are not so easy tasks. Team effort is equally necessary for conducting remote meetings. Here are some of the guidelines, which can be followed to conduct remote meetings, effectively and productively.

1. Invite:

Don’t forget to share the topic and points to be discussed, in the meeting invitation. Send the detailed mail to everyone, at least one day in advance. Followed by a reminder message, before an hour.

It will be easy for participants to do the preparation and also make them comfortable, in an online environment.

2. Preparation is a must.

Be ready with the related with the presentation, documents, references, etc. related to the meeting topic. If required, you can share the documents, well before the meeting time, to bring everyone on the same page.

Plan B must be ready as some unavoidable problem may challenge you, in between the meeting. Maybe electricity, internet connection, doorbell rings, and many others.

Also, reserve some time for emergency topics, to be discussed, but not n the schedule.

3. Stay Present:

Participation is most important: Request everyone to make the Camera ON, and do not make it OFF, till the meeting is going ON. It will create a positive meeting atmosphere.

If someone wants to make it OFF, he or she can make it OFF, for short time, after informing the meeting host.

4. Involvement of everyone:

It is one of the most challenging tasks, in executing the remote meetings. As everyone is at home, on a different page. We need to bring them all to the same page and made them participate.

To engage every member, we can assign tasks to every participant.

E.g. One member is responsible for greeting everyone, as he or she joins. One member can keep track of points to be covered and points covered. One can make aware of the time in hand, One needs to note down the points discussed and prepare the summary. Others can share the minutes of meetings with everyone, so that every member gets actively involved, in what is going on, rather than sitting silently.

5. Professionalism is a must:

Though you are attending the meeting from home, remind yourself it is a business meeting and not the online get-together of friends. Reserve time to prepare yourself for remote meetings.

6. Take a Break:

After following the strict schedule, some extra time is essential for discussion or to understand everyone’s perspective. In such situations, take a short (5 -10 min.) break and continue for some extra time.

This break will provide the time for others to postpone the next meeting, reschedule the subsequent operations, drink coffee, or eat sandwiches, etc. Anxiety or uneasiness of members can be nullified with this break and they all join with positive energy, to conclude the meeting, effectively.

You can schedule two meetings on the same day, with an hour in between or one in the morning and either in the afternoon if the proposed required time is more than an hour or so …

7. Mute Yourself:

Yes, you are attending the meeting from your own home and you cannot avoid the noise, maybe inside ( Mixer, Machine, Children, etc.) or outside (Traffic, Vehicles, etc.) . which may not disturb you but may create interference for other people. Mute Yourself.

Executing remote meetings, effectively, is a group activity. Consistent Team effort is the key to productive meetings.

All the best for the remote meetings. Don't forget to share your experience with us, in the comment box.

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