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Hunt for the "Work Environment"

Are you the one who is looking for the Job? Have you checked the Job Description.. is it matching your requirement?

Then, look at the Work environment, too ...


The quality of your work environment will affect your well-being, working relationships, and work output. It is vital to find a job in a work environment that you will enjoy.

Understanding your work environment preferences is important when applying for jobs. Interviewers will often ask what type of work environments you enjoy working in. Finding out your preferences will help you to decide which job roles you are most likely to enjoy.


Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you prefer working by yourself or as part of a close-knit team?

  • Do you enjoy planning your own workload or following a structured plan?

  • Are informal social events important to you? Or do you prefer to keep your social life separate from work?

  • Are you motivated by a structured reward system? Or are you happy with informal recognition and praise?

It may help to think about the things you would not enjoy. Then you can start to narrow down the types of work environment you will enjoy.

After you have done this, consider the types of job roles that fall into each of these work environments. Then decide which job roles are the best match for your qualifications, skills and experience.

Ultimately, understanding your preferences will enable you to hone in on the best work environment for you.


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