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I-Run, Hyderabad's first exclusive women's run held

I-Run, Hyderabad's first exclusive women's run held on Sunday morning at Hitex. It was organised as part of the three-day Business Women Expo 2023 organised by Hitex. It was held with a unique theme 'I Run--Breaking Barriers"

According to Mr. Samuel Sudhakar, the Run was a huge hit. It was organised in three categories--3kms, 5kms and 10kms. The starting and ending point was within the Hitex only. A total of 1120 participants participated. 25 to 30% of participants were first-timers. It was organised by Traditions Event Management in association with Hitex. It was open to all ages. Women as young as 14 and as old as 76 participated in the run.

There was good corporate participation too from companies such as Synchrony, Accenture, DE Shah and others. It will be an annual event and will be held every year.

The women-only run was held on the last day of the Business Women Expo, the biggest-ever Expo for women entrepreneurs and innovators with over 220 plus exhibitors from 15 states.

I-Run found that women were shy about participating in runs. They said it was because of lack of company, whom to run with. Also, they didn’t participate partly because of their household responsibilities, said Samuel. Now, these are the things of the past. More and more women are choosing to lace up and run down the miles on foot. They believe that the world of sports or fitness will not be portrayed as a man’s world.

I Run believes that every start line and every finish line is a triumph. Every woman has her story and her struggle and when you say I RUN, I will be celebrated the entire way said Mallika, a participant.

I ran for the new-age woman who is changing the game, together, a 75-year-old homemaker said

I ran for the woman who is smashing and breaking barriers, Alpana Shah added.

Madhubala said her siblings pushed her into running and she is enjoying it now.

I ran for the woman who is set on changing the world for good, one step at a time, and shared a teacher, who had come all the way from Warangal to participate in the event.

You can start running any time of your life, with any level of fitness - and we know this is a barrier for so many women who succumb to the lie that “oh, I can’t run” or “I’m not very good at running” … this doesn’t matter. Running has the power to change lives, added Arun of Tradition Events.


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