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ISRO Develops "Solar Calculator" Android App

Computation of solar energy potential is essential to select the locations for solar photovoltaic (PV) thermal power plants. The use of remote sensing observations from geostationary satellite sensors is ideal to capture space-time variability of surface insolation. An android App for the computation of solar energy potential has been developed by Space Applications Centre (SAC), ISRO, Ahmedabad at the behest of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. It is a very useful tool for the installation of PV solar panels for tapping solar energy.

The App provides monthly/yearly solar potential (in kWh/m2) and minimum/maximum temperature at any location. It also displays the location on the satellite image and provides azimuth/elevation angles as well as day length over different time periods in a year.

Following are the major features of the App:

  • The App provides solar energy potential (in kWh/m2) at any given location

  • The required location can be keyed in or can be obtained through GPS

  • It gives monthly and yearly solar potential processed using Indian Geostationary Satellite data (Kalpana-1, INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR). It also offers monthly minimum and maximum temperature to calculate realistic solar potential

  • Location is displayed on the image with satellite data in the background

  • It also provides azimuth and elevation angles, and day length over different time periods in a year.

  • Obstruction of sunlight due to terrain is also calculated using Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  • It also suggests optimum tilt angle for solar PV installation

  • This App needs an internet connection to calculate the results

  • The complete report can be saved as a PDF file

The App can be downloaded from “New and Renewable Energy” section at

For more details, please visit :

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