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Yoga is not spiritual or religious, but scientific - Shruti Maheshwari

Yoga is not spiritual or religious, but scientific. 90% of Yoga is what you do off the mat (Yoga mat) and not on the mat: Shruti Maheshwari, Founder – Happiness Gurukul (a lifestyle coaching platform) and Alumnus – Harvard Medical School

Failure is a process. When you fail, don’t take it to heart. Keep trying: Mr World 2016, Model, Actor, Hyderabadi, Rohit Khandelwal Rohit advises students

Addressing at the Global Impact Summit 2022, Mr. Amol Maheshwari, Chief Distribution Officer – EarlySalary, India’s largest consumer lending platform for young professionals highlighted about how the advent of technology is changing finance, insurance and healthcare. “Start-ups will boom in the trinity of fintech, insurtech and healthtech (FIH). While fintech empowers affordability to pay for insurance, healthcare; insurtech will help finance expensive treatment and healthtech will protect against ailments”.

Speaking further, Amol said that the healthcare journey starts right from birth to end-of-life. Healthcare and finance services go hand in hand, he stated. Fintech solutions can come to the rescue of people, especially senior citizens and young people. Healthcare should look at financial inclusion as it targets low-income groups. In India, life insurance penetration is just a mere 3% and in the case of health insurance it is just 7%. A huge percentage of the population does not have any insurance. The Indian healthcare services expenditure stood at $115 billion this year, Amol said. And $72 billion of that is spent by Indians from their pockets i.e. paid from a person’s savings or borrowings.

“The $72 billion that Indians spend on healthcare, this year is twice the size of the Indian smartphone market” Amol said. “it is so easy to buy a smartphone on EMI compared to the experience of paying for healthcare at a hospital. Embedded finance and financial modes provide affordability, agility and access to superior healthcare. High penetration of software and private healthcare and insurance providers can enable seamless and instant credit.” Amol said.

Speaking about the emergence of a unified ecosystem of FIH trinity, Amol said that “In future insurance / insuretech, healthcare/healthtech and banks/NBFCs/fintech will vanish. They will merge and emerge maybe as single app offering fintech for digital lending, a buy now and pay later for insurance and healthcare.”

The summit on it 3rd day saw roundtable discussion on ‘Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) make privacy a thing of the past?’ with panelists Dr. Pavan Kumar Damaraju, AI/ML Lead, TCS; Mr. Mayank Vig, Country Manager, Woosong University, South Korea, Dr. Manish Arora, Assistant Professor, Banaras Hindu University; Dr. Ch. Preeti Reddy, MD. Malla Reddy Health City. It the was moderated by Dr. P. Swami Sairam, Chair of Management Research, Woxsen University.

“With AI taking over, there are privacy concerns around it. Companies and Apps are investing heavily and focusing on their committed to the privacy protection of their customers and users.” informed Dr. Pavan Kumar Damaraju, AI/ML Lead, TCS. He further added that the marriage of AI and blockchain is important and that blockchain is better to curb privacy issues, ramp up AI technology and provide good solutions. It is important that only relevant data is taken from the data sets to maintain privacy, he said. Privacy can be divided into ethical privacy and unethical privacy, and ethical privacy is good for the world, Dr. Pavan said. So, AI technology does not mean the end of privacy as we know it.

Panelist Dr. Ch. Preeti Reddy, MD. Malla Reddy Health City stressed on the safety and privacy of the data of their patients. “But data is needed to serve the patients like in the pandemic, we had to ask patients details such as bank account numbers, etc. as many feared even coming to the hospital.” she said. Further, Dr. Preeti said that they have deployed AI through a new app to give differential diagnosis for skin diseases. AI is being used for something similar as CT scans. But importance is given to data protection, she said.

Dr. Manish Arora, Assistant Professor, Banaras Hindu University speaking on the subject said that data is very essential for everything but it is important to teach ethics and responsibility that are essential to maintain privacy.

Mr. Mayank Vig, Country Manager, Woosong University, South Korea said that ethics is important for AI but AI doesn’t follow the ethical way of human beings but data sets. AI can be good depending on data sets, he said.

Summing up, moderator Dr. P. Swami Sairam, Chair of Management Research, Woxsen University said “that humans too should be aware of what data we give away. So many of us don’t even read the terms and conditions and blindly agree with them to use apps and services.”

Addressing a session on "The Future of Fin-Tech with Disruptions" Mr. Fenil Vadakken of IMA India talked about the changing role of CFOs. Earlier, the focus was on transaction planning and least of analysis, but in the coming times it will be reversed with stress on analysis. Critical thinking and planning skills will be needed in the future for the financial management profession.” Fenil said.

The Global Impact Summit witnessed the announcement of 3 Academic Collaborations with Woxsen University – Classavo (USA), Woosong University (South Korea), Deprtment of Design BHU (India).

Classavo is a USA based student engagement & analytics platform. This academic collaboration is for research, digital learning, incubation & scholarship. The company announced a scholarship of Rs 3.5 lakh (US$ 5000) as a grant towards incubation and acceleration of student start-up ideas.

The summit concluded with topics about health & wellness. Speaking about mental health Mr. World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal said, “Sound Mind reflects a Sound Body. When you are low, unsound mentally ask for help without hesitation, he advised the youth.”

Shruti Maheshwari, Founder – Happiness Gurukul (a lifestyle coaching platform) and Alumnus – Harvard Medical School addressed the gathering in the session ‘Happy Souls change the world’. “In World Happiness Report 2022, India ranked 136th among 146 countries. Happiness is a global and popular concept and has gained prominence. It is the most searched word on Google search in the last two year." She also highlighted that many companies and even governments are looking at happiness and measuring it, Shruti gave an example of how New Zealand’s budget emphasized citizen’s happiness. Government policies are being created on happiness, Shruti added.


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