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It will be a first of its kind of initiative by any individual in India

He is popularly known as Telangana's Sonu Sood. He is a real estate developer with a difference. He is Thimmaiahgari Subash Reddy, 50 years old, Dana Karna of Telangana. He is widely known as Shabash Reddy (meaning well done). He is a proud founder of a real estate firm CADOL (Construction And Development Of Land)

He constructed a school at Rs 6 crore. He is an inspiration to the 'Mana Ooru Mana badi' programme aimed at the all-round development and creation of effective infrastructure in schools across the State by setting up digital classrooms, constructing additional classrooms and taking up repairs to schools to benefit 19.84 lakh children of 26,065 schools in the state of Telangana.

Now he is constructing two schools in Macha Reddy and Rama Reddy in Kamareddy District with a project outlay of rupees three crores.

Subash Reddy is a native of Jangaon village of just 7000 population in Bibipet Mandal in Kamareddy District, which is about 105 kilometres away from the state capital Hyderabad. And 15 km away from Domakonda Fort, which shot into fame for UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Conservation Award.

His first name to fame has come from this school. Since then, he has taken up hundreds of service activities for the good of people and society.

Now he is planning to construct a Skill Development Centre in his own village Janagama in Bibipet Mandal in Kamareddy District, a first of its kind by any individual in the country. The skills are new-age currency. You build skills, you will build confidence in students. The future belongs to the skilled. Qualifications without skills are ineffective, he says.

Illustrating the importance of skills, he gives an example. Being a builder knows well that if the construction of one soft residential built-up area costs Rs 1500 in the city, it costs anywhere above Rs 2300 in rural areas. What is the reason? Simple. All the skilled workers have to come from the city. This is one example. That is the reason why I would now like to build a skill centre in my own village.

Another ambitious initiative he would like to embark on is providing food to elderly people in his village Jangaon and adjoining villages, to begin with. Many elders live on their own away from their siblings for various reasons. I would like to take care of their food needs free of cost, he says.

Some of the other initiatives include the construction of 100 Free Double Bed Room Flats at Jangampally village near Kamareddy. This project alone cost him Rs 3 crore. Now these double-bed rooms bear the look of a Villa. He constructed a white house-like building for the Grampanchayat Office in his native place.

He has spent a little over ten crores on various service activities over the past ten years and is still spending.

He paid fees for many and helped quite a lot by paying medical bills.

He built his government school ZPHS Bibipet on par with the best or even better than many private schools. He builds this in loving memory of his parents Thimmaiahgari Susheela and Narayan Reddy. It is the most modern school with quality construction and modern facilities. It has 32 rooms with a 42000 sq ft area, spread over 3.5 acres of land. It has 1st to 10th classes and 800 students study there. Not only it is the most advanced school, but, a carpus of Rs 1.5 crore was set up with the contribution and support from the alumni. It has a compound wall, a centralised sound system, an RO plant, a 3,200 sq ft dining area with a separate gate, three one-bedroom spaces for teachers, a computer lab with 27 PCs

Constructed in the 1920s, initially, it was an Urdu medium, later turned Telugu medium in 1956 and is now an English Medium school.

It is unbelievable that it is a government school. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best Government Schools in India. He built it at a cost of Rs 6 crore where he studied in his childhood. The school was inaugurated by Mr. KT Rama Rao. Mr. KTR took him as an inspiration and constructed a school in his ancestor's village. I might not construct the best school as what Subash Reddy constructed, but certainly construct one with his inspiration, KTR Announced at the time of the inauguration of the school.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao, who inaugurated the school in November 2021 hailed philanthropist Subhash Reddy for his contribution to the development of infrastructure in Government High School KTR added that Subhash Reddy will always be an inspiration to others.

My son Mr Nihaanth Reddy was inspired by Mahesh Babu's starrer 'Srimanthudu' movie and wanted me to construct one. So I did, Mr Reddy said. I keep aside a certain percentage of profit from my business. The quality of generous donations is imbibed into me by my parents from early childhood, he says. The school was in shambles. One day I saw a student drenched in rain. Then I decided to do something. Subsequently, many other factors influenced me. The school is the outcome of all of these says Mr. Reddy very humbly.

Though I may not have studied well, I must help hundreds of students achieve what I could not do, he says.

I must be grateful to Gampa Govardhan, MLA of our area, who has been very supportive. But for his unstinted support, I would not have done such a mega-service project. The local MLA Gampa Goverdhan is a very good friend of mine and I am grateful to him for all his support and encouragement.

Srimanthudu is the film that touched the hearts of many. The film, the story about a man who wants to use his own money and do good for society, has happened in real life too. And that Srimanthudu inspired by the film is Subhash Reddy. Knowing about him through KT Rama Rao, Mahesh Babu felt so proud and showcased his respect towards Subhash Reddy.

"Moved beyond words to learn that #Srimanthudu was an inspiration behind this school! We are incredibly humbled by Subhash Reddy Garu. You are a true HERO. We need more people like you!, Mahesh Babu tweeted. He even promised to visit the school along with the Srimanthudu film crew and team. Both the tweets of KTR and Mahesh about Subash Reddy's gesture were re-tweeted by 14000 people and 45000 netizens liked them.

Mr Reddy used to go to Bibipet school walking from his village Jangaon, which is three km away.

What he does for a living is real estate business. His interests are in land development, construction, residential and commercial development

He moved to Hyderabad from his native in 2004 with Rs 30,000/- in hand. First ten years he tried some work in partnership. Later launched on his own. Mr Subash Reddy founded his real estate empire CADOL(an abbreviation for Construction And Development of Land) Developers Llp in the year 2014. Since then he has been serving society with whatever he could with his little resources, a part of the profit of his organisation. CADOL is one of the leading real estate developers in Hyderabad. As a builder, he is a very successful professional. He completed several ventures such as

01 RR Kollur County,

02 Sri Enclave,

03 MYSA, and

04. Cashmere Court. He has constructed well over 500 flats, villas and independent houses.

At CADOL we create more than just a home. We create communities – the kind of desirable places that people are proud to own and proud to call sweet home. Everything we do is based upon one simple premise – creating timeless, luxurious, and desirable homes that are purpose-designed for the way people want to live today, he says.

Mr. Reddy receives hundreds of requests for help and support. I am an individual. I have many limitations. Whatever the best I can, I do to the most deserving he says. Mr. Subash Reddy is very popular now in Bibipet, Kamareddy, Bhiknoor mandals and adjoining areas. Wherever he goes hundreds of people turn up to him seeking help.

Do you want to be Telangana's Sonu Sood? No, where he is and where I am. There is no comparison. I adore him for all the good he is doing for society. He is he and I am, I am, he says.

Does he have any political ambitions? No, he says in a jiffy. I am happy the way I am and I want to remain a good samaritan, he says.


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