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7 Magic Moves to Enhance Productivity of an Entrepreneur

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Entrepreneurs are flooded with the amount of work to get done. There is always a gap between 'To Do' and 'Done'. Many ones get lost in these tasks and lost focus .

But, just don't worry! Just go through these magic moves and shorten the gap between 'To Do' and 'Done'. I Will assure the enhancement in productivity.

  1. Plan your day: Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Manage your time in such a way that you can save time looking for the things and you have more time in hand to concentrate on the important tasks. Always plan your activities, at least one day in advance.

  2. Prioritize the work: An entrepreneur is a result-driven person. He or she has to work on many different (Approx. 20 +) tasks at a time. To achieve the desired results at the desired time, you have to prioritize the tasks, wisely. As all tasks cannot be accomplished by a single person. Some are time dependant, some tasks require a productive internal team. Some tasks may demand a strong network of vendors and supplies. Depending on the work, prioritize the work, to be more productive.

  3. Surround yourself with Positive People: Positivity drives impact at every stage of your life. Surround yourself with positive people, irrespective of age, area of expertise, etc. At least spend an hour, in a week, with them. Just a phone call can initiate the magic. Personal meetings will be a bonus. Focus on building a Positive Team, not necessarily at your workplace, but everywhere.

  4. Keep Yourself Updated: Be flexible. You must adopt the capacity to mold, to get sustain. Reading habit is one of the best habits to nurture yourself. It will help you to forecast the upcoming market diversion or customer expectations. Read the books from your own area of business, your area of interest, and other areas, too.

  5. Work-Life Balance: Most important aspect that people tend to ignore. Work-Life balance is more important than the profit of your business. Spend quality time with your near and dear ones. it is the best way to get energized.

  6. Stay fit: You can focus on your work, not of you are perfectly fit and fine, physically as well as mentally. Dedicate 45 min. a day, morning or evening time, for doing the exercise. it will double the productivity !!

  7. Social Media at a distance: Yes, Social Media presence is very much necessary. It is necessary for your products or services, not for you. Be smart, while using Social Media.

Don't forget to share your experience of 'To Do' and 'Done' listing, before and after reading the article.

Stay tuned.

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