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Magic of "Mind Mapping"

Mind Mapping? What is that?

And is it possible to map the 'mind' of a human being?

Is it useful for me?


It is useful for everyone, who is doing multitasking, who is learning, who wants to take notes, etc.

Mind mapping helps entrepreneurs to streamline their ideas, thoughts and organize information to boost productivity and efficiency, instaed of just focusing on the long list of to-dos.

It also helps to identify which ideas are worth pursuing, based on the logical progression of the original thought.

Isn't it great?

Mind Mapping is a useful technique that supports learning, improves information recording, shows how different facts and ideas are related, and enhances creative problem-solving.

Mind Maps are useful for:

  • Brainstorming – individually, and as a group.

  • Summarizing information.

  • Taking notes.

  • Consolidating information from different sources.

  • Thinking through complex problems.

  • Presenting information clearly.

  • Studying and memorizing information.

Benefits of Mind Mappings:

The nature of the mind map helps us to collect, integrate and recall information, in a better manner. Thus, it allows an entrepreneur to separate the various projects, which are all competing for his or her attention, into specific tasks or chunks of tasks — and allocate time to each.

Let us list out the 7 proven benefits of mind mapping :

  1. Enables meaning learnings

  2. Helps with Memorization and Retention

  3. More Engaging Form of Learning

  4. Makes Complex Issues Easier to Understand

  5. Improves the productivity

  6. Ignites creativity

  7. Improves your writing

So, what are you waiting for?

Start creating your first Mind Map ... and be ready to experience the "Magic"

Creating a mind map is much easier than many people think. The basic requirement is really just to empty the mind and capture everything in a map. At the basic level, the mind map lists the outcome of each project, linking to logical tasks that are required to achieve the desired outcome. From an operations standpoint, timelines make mind maps highly functional.

A good mind mapping software automates most of this process, making the entire approach fast and effortless. These tools help users collate and organize the hundreds of pieces of information related to these specific tasks — including reports, documents, and links — in a single place. For instance, the tech entrepreneur can add documentation to the list that is to be submitted two weeks later, allocate time to edit (which is in sync with the progress of the actual project) and finally, retrieve the documentation to make updates or edits.

Happy Mind Mapping

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