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Malla Reddy inaugurates Telangana state’s first “Walk in Cold Room” in any ESI Hospitals

Malla Reddy inaugurates Telangana state’s first “Walk in Cold Room” in any ESI Hospitals at ESI Nacharam donated by Medihauxe Pharma at Rs 7.5 lakhs

Chamakura Malla Reddy, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Government of Telangana inaugurated the the Telangana state’s first Walk-in Col Room in any ESI Hospitals at ESI Nacharam on Saturday. It is donated by Medihauxe Pharma at a cost of Rs 7.5 lakh.

Mr. Satyarayana, Superintendent of ESI said it is for the first time an ESI Hospital in Telangana has Walk-in-Cold-Room to store lifesaving Cancer and Kidney drugs. This is possible thanks to Medihauxe Pharma.

The Walk-in Cold Room is a storage room of critical, life-saving and temperature sensitive Bi-Technology products and medicine to ensure their efficacy. They need to be stored at a temperature between 2 Degrees to 8 Degrees. Until now ESI Nacharam has been refrigerating them. ESI Nacharam is a nodal hospital. It supplies medicine to all the ESIs in the state. It has several hospitals and 73 dispensaries across the state. It has nearly 20 lakh patients who hold ESI cards. For them, especially Cancer and Kidney patients, the critical medicine is stored here and supplied to respective hospitals said Mr. Satyanarayana, Superintendent of ESI Nacharam. He thanked Medihauxe Pharma for their kind gesture. He also appealed corporates and philatrophic individuals to provide the much needed MRI and CT scan.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Malla Reddy said ESI Nacharam is providing good service to the patients. He thanked Medihauxe Pharma for their donation. This is a 450 bedded hospital. It needs CT Scan and MRI Scanning. We also plan to set up an Oxygen plant here he said.

Currently 1100 out patients and 200 inpatients are utilizing ESI services. This number must be increased to 2000 and 400 respectively, the Minister told the Superintendent.

2-8 degrees Celsius constant temperature is a must to protect the integrity of sensitive medicine. Specific pharmaceutical products can’t cope with the effect of wide temperature variations.

Storing them in the refrigerator will not ensure a temperature-controlled environment. Also, ESI gets to handle a heavy load of medicine. Even the manufacturing companies of medicine also specify a particular temperature to be maintained.

Knowing the need and its importance, Medihauxe Pharma volunteered to donate it as it is the need of the hour, Mr Girish Bhat, MD and Mr Manohar Bhat, Director, Medihauxe Pharma said. The walk-in-cold-room is set up at Rs 7.5 lakhs from our CSR fund shared, he added.

Medihauxe Pharma Pvt Ltd has always strived to improve & uplift the medical equipment facility & the distribution of super speciality products throughout its service tenure to the institutions & Hospitals that involve in saving a precious life. Keeping the Noble Gesture in mind, Medihauxe Pharma Pvt Ltd has decided to DONATE Walk-In Cold Room to the leading GOVT. Institute ESI (NACHARAM), said Mr. Girish.

The walk-in cold room augments the efforts to provide best possible care for patients and relevant medicines, he added.


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