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PRASHO, a non-profit organisation launched in the city, focuses on improving people’s health

The city’s well-known healthcare professionals and leaders in Public Health R Govind Hari, Dr. Ranga Reddy Burri and Prof GVS Murthy have joined together with a couple of other healthcare professionals to launch PRAGYAAN SUSTAINABLE HEALTH OUTCOMES FOUNDATION (PRASHO), a Not-For-Profit Section 8 Enterprise, disclosed in a press note issued in the city today. 

Some of the Public Health Care leaders who support this public service initiative include Mr Zelalem Taffesse, UNICEF Chief of the field office for AP, KARNATAKA and Telangana; Dr Krishna Reddy, Access Health; Dr. Jagannath, Director Oncology Continental Hospital; Dr Raghunath Professor MNJ (MNJ Cancer Hospital & Radium Institute);  Dr. Gopichand, CEO of Star Hospital; Dr. Bhaskar Rao, Chairman KIMs Group of Hospitals; Dr. Salil, ex-UN AIDS - Deputy Chief SouthEast Asia; Dr. Ramji Singh, Director AIIMS Calcutta; Mr. Raghunath, Director of Continental hospitals; Dr. Sivaranjani, Pediatrician Magna Clinics

Giving details, R. Govind Hari, Chairman of the foundation and who is also an advisor on health to the Government of Andhra Pradesh said, PRASHO is conceptualized to tackle unique challenges that often go unnoticed yet wield immense power to shape the health and well-being of our communities. 


Our focus will be on antimicrobial resistance, mental health, and the often overlooked yet critical area of public health.  PRASHO stands for preventive health and evidence-based practices. We extend support to people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, ensuring they receive the healthcare they deserve.

Prof GVS Murthy renowned as one of Stanford's top 2% researchers, as well as the master collaborator in the realm of health care and who has contributed to health care for four decades said that their mission through PRASHO is to lead a transformative shift in health care social development by generating, synthesizing and promoting the utilization of evidence-based interventions.

Our vision is to generate evidence to formulate interventions empowering individuals and communities to attain Quality, Equitable, Affordable Sustainable Positive Health, and Social Development Outcomes

False or misleading information, WhatsUp University, Google Dr. Health-related fake news on social media platforms has become a major social and public health problem.  In this light of background, PRASHO felt the need to set up a Health Media Collaborative Centre.  It aims to provide factual information for individual and community action to prevent disease and improve health.  It will also empower communities to engage more effectively with the health system. A Series of invited talks, TED-like talks (MED Talks) from inspirational health etc.

Hospitals have heaps of data, which can be put to proper use.  We plan to use Machine Learning and Data Analytics to decipher health trends and predict potential risks, he added.  Validation of Technology, and building a stroke rehabilitation support system are some of the other initiatives of the PRASHO.

We don’t need more doctors or medical colleges. What we need is behavioural change which is more important than knowledge dissemination, observed a healthcare leader. 

Media Contact: Solus Media, D. Ramchandram, Mobile: 9848042020

More about the People behind PRASHO

Sri Govind Hari, Chairman of PRASO currently holds the position of Advisor Health to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In addition to his pivotal role in the Prasho Foundation, he serves as the Vice-Chairman at the prestigious Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Trust and holds the position of Chairman at Pushpagiri Group of Eye Hospitals.


Sri Govind Hari's illustrious career is marked by his leadership in various large-scale public health initiatives, including the transformative Aarogyasri and Kanti Velugu programs. His visionary approach has positioned him as a leader in the realm of public health, contributing significantly to the well-being of communities.


Renowned as one of Stanford's top 2% researchers, Prof GVS Murthy has made significant contributions to public health, eye care and disability over a distinguished career spanning more than four decades. A trailblazer in the field, he played a pivotal role in establishing the community ophthalmology wing at RP Centre AIIMS.He has spearheaded transformative pan-India public health initiatives, including the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust project addressing Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinopathy of Prematurity. Prof Murthy is celebrated not only for his groundbreaking research but also for his exceptional collaborative skills, marking [him/her] as a master collaborator in the realm of public health.

Dr. Ranga Reddy is a versatile professional, wearing multiple hats as a Physician, Public Health Policy Advisor, Academician, Philanthropist, and Social Entrepreneur. His primary focus lies in elevating Infection Prevention practices and enhancing patient safety, particularly in resource-limited settings, with a special emphasis on India.

Dr. Reddy's extensive contributions extend to various policy advocacy initiatives, including the development of G20 policy white papers on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and public health. He has played pivotal roles, serving on the DST Expert Advisory Committee on AMR and advising on the AMR state action plan in Andhra Pradesh.

As a pioneer in Infection Prevention and Control academic programs in the global south, Dr. Reddy has spearheaded initiatives that transcend borders."



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