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Raise your sons right so that women are respected: Shefali Shah

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) organised an interactive session with Shefali Shah, a TV, Film, and Theatre actress in the city on Thursday evening.

She was in conversation with Ms. Ratna Rao Shekar Author and Editor--Wow Hyderabad in a session Shattering Stereotypes, the fearless voice of Shefali Shah, held at The Park in Necklace Road in the city.

Talking to her, Shefali spoke freely about her life, journey in the film Industry, various roles she played and her takes on various issues.

Responding to the moderator’s question about how she strikes balance between profession and activism and works on social causes, Shefali said to be honest what I do on screen has no connection to what I do in real life. I am not a crusader for strong women.

Replying to another question on how to balance between various things that you do and still succeed she said that there was no rule book we were born with. Each individual’s life is different. We don’t have any instructions booklet to lead our life. She told her audience not to follow anything she said. All I can say is to be true to oneself.

And she added you have to live life with yourself. Strike some kind of balance between the things you pursue. I am a strict person at home, raising my two sons. Our sons help us with domestic chores. They don’t get food if they don’t sweep or mop the floor. Raise your sons right so that women are respected, she said.

Replying to how she brings character to life, Shefali said I am a 100% actor. When I am on the sets, I don’t think of anything beyond my work on that day. I give 100% to whatever I do. I get obsessed with the role I am portraying in the movie. I realised that I don’t mimic any actor or actress. I have my way to approach the character that I play, she said.

Answering another question of whether actresses should look glamorous as is generally perceived. I don’t subscribe to this argument. An actress is supposed to look like the character she is playing. There is no place for stereotypes now, we see many models of various shapes, sizes, and skin colours. All are accepted now. Those days of stereotypes are over, she said. It is only a myth that they should have a zero size.

Shefali shared how she managed to keep busy during the covid. And said disease doesn’t kill, but distance said. The only pain I experienced during that time was staying away from the loved ones she shared.

When asked for her advice to young girls who wish to get into the film industry, Shefali said I don’t say ‘don’t get into it’. All I say lage raho, keep testing your water. Keep trying.

Replying to another question on her advice to women, she said to have a lot of patience. Luck has a massive role to play in the film industry. But you should have talent too. Follow your guts, keep trying, she said. My life was more waiting than acting. I was always an actress waiting.

Earlier welcoming the 200-plus gathering Ritu Shah said Shefali is known for her powerful performances and fearless voice, which is why they chose to invite her to interact with their members.

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