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Shekhar Mehta, President of Rotary International, inaugurated and commenced the distribution

Rotary’s Bahubali Service Project of -- Distribution of 500 Sewing Machines, 500 Schools Desks, 500 Bicycles and 90 Wash Stations held in the city at G. Narayanamma Institute of Science & Technology Shaikpet Road on Saturday afternoon.

Shekhar Mehta, President of Rotary International inaugurated and commenced the distribution. It was a Rs 1.05 crore project. The entire project money was raised through crowdfunding. The project was executed in just 26 days from conceptualization to completion. It was the project anchored by the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan.

Speaking on the occasion Shekhar Mehta, the 4th Indian to have become the global president of Rotary International said Rotary Clubs in India will support the government in achieving 100% literacy. Our aim is to work towards achieving 100% by the year 2027, he said.

Shekhar Mehta who took the mantle of 115 years old global body focused mainly on empowering girl children globally during the past ten months of his career by providing them access to education. We emphasized environmental and water conservation, he said. The name Rotary is synonymous with Polio eradication. When asked what is next similar to that project, Shekhar Mehta said we have achieved a 99.9 per cent reduction in polio cases since spearheading the initiative more than 30 years ago

Rotary India is the most vibrant and fast-growing in terms of membership across the globe. Speaking about the distribution project he opened today he said nowhere else in Rotary you will see a massive project like the one who got to witness. Seeking the huge display of material for distribution, the president was thoroughly impressed and appreciated Rotarian Ravi Vadlamani and his team and said Rotary cannot be better than this. He described it as one of the best days in Rotary.

500 Sewing Machines at the cost of Rs 30 lakh were distributed to beneficiaries identified by the Telangana State Women Cooperative Development Corporation (TSWDCD) as well as NGOs Nirman, Youth For Jobs. Smt Akula Lalitha, Chairperson of TSWCDC graced the occasion.

500 Bicycles were given away. They were procured at the cost of Rs 30 lakhs. 300 of them were given away to Anganwadi workers of Ranga Reddy Dist and 200 to schoolchildren from Patancheru and Sangareddy

500 School Desks were given away to school children. They were procured at Rs 20 lakhs for the benefit of the schools where children sit on the floor and study

90 Wash Stations were donated to various government schools for the use of children to wash their hands and keep hygienic. These workstations were procured for Rs 24 lakh.

The unique thing about this Rotary Bahubali Service Project was all the 500 school desks, 500 sewing machines, 500 bicycles and 90 Wash Stations were physically displayed on the ground along with their recipients.

The Mega Charity project was taken up on the eve of the Rotary International Presidential Conference currently underway at HICC in Hyderabad. More than 3500 Rotarians from all over India and different countries are participating in the 3 days conference.

Rotary International is a volunteer service organization with over 1.4 million members across the world. Rotary International is a 115-year old organization.

Rotarian Mahesh Kothagi, AS Venkatesh both Rotary Intl Directors; Kamal Sanghvi, Rotary Intl Presidential Conference-22 Convenor, Ravi Vadlamni, Rotary Intl Presidential Conference Chair, Prabhakar, Rotary Dist Governor, Rotary Dist 3150 graced the function.

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