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Shubhraa Maheshwari is the new Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad

City’s Chartered Accountant, Shubhraa Maheshwari, assumed charge as Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO), Hyderabad Chapter. Shubhraa succeeds Uma Chigurupati.

A Chartered Accountant from Ernst & Young, with over two decades of professional experience, Shubraa succeeded Uma Chigurupati.

Shubhraa’s team for the year is Gunjan Sindhi, Hon Secretary; Nishita Manne, Treasurer; Shilpa Raju, Hon Joint Secretary; Maya Patel, Joint Treasurer.

Shubhraa currently is the Director of Bluestones Group of Companies. As a Chartered, Shubhraa served among others clients like Tirumala Thirupati Devasthanam, Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust, National Highways, many NBFCs and 300 plus corporates.

On assuming the charge, Shubraa Maheshwari thanked members for trusting her to lead the Chapter for the year 2022 - 2023. Each new day is a blank page in the diary of our life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story possible.

FLO is about achievement through togetherness,

delivering through motivation and hard work.

We have gone through two devastating pandemic struck years and we may go through new waves anytime in future. Women are the biggest sufferers. The key part of the solution is unleashing the economic power of women. So our vision for the term “Stronger SHE” is an endeavour to provide systematic and tailored resources for women to build long-term and sustainable livelihoods for themselves and for society. Our theme this year is Financial Literacy for women through a series of learning sessions and workshops. This is also a national initiative being headed by me, Shubhraa shared.

Our endeavours this year will be to work at the policy level with the Government; with women at grassroots by imparting skills; we will impart basic awareness of financial decision making for women to better support their families and we will promote inclusivity in schools and workplaces to improve the opportunities for persons with disabilities. For middle level and white collar women, we will organize programs that broaden their horizon when it comes to Financial decisions such as investment and growth, Shubhraa explained

Overall, the FLO’s commitment this year is to bring about a positive and impactful change in the lives of women, she said

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