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Special needs children must go to special schools and not regular ones

The Children with Special needs to be identified and sent to their respective schools like Blind students to the Blind Schools and kids with other special needs like Deaf and Dumb to their respective deaf and dumb special schools said Mr. Ponugoti Chokka Rao, General Secretary, Development & Welfare Association of the Blind, Telangana State and Secretary, All India Confederation of the Blind, Delhi/Hyderabad

“Some private schools are admitting special children in regular schools for their selfish needs to collect fees and Govt schools are admitting them to show increased head count for their survival. This practice which is going on across Telangana must be stopped”, said Chokka Rao

In a press note issued in Hyderabad, Mr. Chokka Rao said some selfish private institutions for their own selfish needs like collecting fees and government schools to increase their numbers / headcount, are admitting blind students and partially blind students in their normal schools is not right. In case students with degenerative or progressive eye conditions/vision loss or the partially blind students lose their sight and vision completely over a period of time, then we will be causing irreparable loss to their future, he added. And ordinary schools may not be able to handle such students.

If partially blind with blindness of 40% and above are admitted in blind schools, which are equipped with all infrastructure, special teaching staff catering to special teaching needs like Braille script etc., they will be able to compete with the general students. As everyone knows, there is no difference between the type of education imparted to both general students and visually impaired students. Both have to study the same subject, Chokka Rao stated.

Blind School run by Hyderabad based DWAB at Nalgonda is imparting education in Computer, English Medium, and other curricular activities, music and sports, as well as some other blind schools. It makes a lot of sense if the special needs children study in special schools established for the special needs.

When a child has a visual impairment, learning and development may need to be supported throughout the school years. Often, children require some training and instruction from teachers who specialize in working with blind and visually impaired students, he said.

When there are special schools for the blind and exist, why admit them in regular schools? Children might benefit best from attending specialized schools for part or all of their education. Blind school is better for the visually impaired.

Informing further, Mr. Chokka Rao appealed to the Government of Telangana to recognize the existence of DWAB School for Blind in Nalgonda. It has a permanent building and infrastructure to accommodate upto 500 students and make use of it for the benefit of blind students across the state.

This year based on our request, the Government of Telangana initiated an action identifying CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS as part of BADI BAATA PROGRAMME SCHEDULE. DWAB thanks the Government for accepting its request.


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