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Teaching and Training

We have often used these words, since our school days. Both are useful when done effectively, but to understand their role in development, it is necessary to understand their differences.

Teaching is a profession handled by teachers. They are specifically trained to improve their skills in making the students understand what they teach. Teachers specifically teach in the area of their expertise and are supposed to clear the doubts raised by the students. Students have the right to raise questions and clarify them with a teacher.

During teaching a student, a teacher is assigned with a variety of jobs. A teacher has to teach a student about a particular topic, clarify the doubts asked by the students, and then assign a test to them. Examinations are an integral part of teaching. From examinations, a student’s caliber and a teacher’s teaching skills are evaluated.

Teaching is a field of wide opportunities. The method of teaching worldwide varies. Some teachers, use space outside classrooms. They feel it more comfortable and also students get a different experience when lessons are taught outside classrooms. The student-teacher relationship must be smooth for the best experience.

Teach: to provide knowledge, instruction or information

Training is a process of developing skills in a person. Usually, a trainer is appointed for training, but self-training is also possible nowadays. Training is given in a field where theoretical knowledge is not enough to master a skill. Practical efforts are to be put in so that the trainee can become an expert in the field.

Training is more specific than teaching. A trainer is a person who is an expert in a specific field. He/she knows the techniques that are to be implanted in a student to improve their talents.

Train: to develop abilities through practice with instruction or supervision

Training is given before a person enters into any profession. This is to make him/her understand the environment of the field they are into. Before this training, theoretical lessons are taught to them. This theory has to be changed as practical skills during the training period. This training period is called a professional development period in some contexts.

Both teaching and training are important parts of employee development


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