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TEMA Connect 2022, event for the event entrepreneurs held

TEMA Connect 2022, a Telangana Event Managers Association’s meet held. It was a unique event of event entrepreneurs to meet, greet, connect, collaborate and celebrate said Shravan Madiraju, President TEMA.

Event industry was worst hit in the past two years. This is the first time in two years 500 plus event entrepreneurs got together to celebrate the spirit of resilience said Ramesh K. Muppana, Vice President of TCEI- TEMA.

The event entrepreneurs showcased their best skills, capabilities, technology, services in the TEMA Connect 2022, held at Legacy Convention in Gachibowli Financial District on Monday night.

They have roped in a team from Banaras to perform Ganga Aarthi as a beginning act. The team which performed in front of Prime Minister Modi, former American President Barack Obama and others performed the prayer.

Ganga Aarti as we all know is a ritual offering prayer to the Ganges. The same was performed by five young priests the ritual by carrying deepam and moving it up and down in a rhythmic tune of bhajans. It was one of the rarest opening acts ever performed in any event in this part of India, commented Rakhi Kankaria, President TCEI (Telangana Chamber of Events Industry).

Event Management is part and parcel of everyone’s life. There is an event manager in every one’s life. Right from the father who performs a marriage of his daughter to birthday celebration, life is full of events. Events make life memorable said Event industry veteran, former President of TCEI, Mr Surath Singh Malhotra.

Celebrations are important in our life as they bring a change from our daily monotonous life. They bring joy and happiness with lots of excitement said Rakhi Kankaria.

Celebrations hold a very important place in everybody’s life, adds Pratap Jadeja, another event industry veteran and former President of TCEI.

All individuals who supported event industry, Corona warriors from event industry, who helped all sail through difficult journey of pandemic were recognised and felicitated.

The Rs 500 crore Telangana Event industry is bouncing back slowly and steadily, said Rakhi Kankaria, TCEI President.

According to industry insiders, Telangana boasts of 1100 event management companies and 5500 allied fields supporting them. 50 lakh people depend on event industry in Telangana. The state has greater potential than what is estimated on conservative note they added.

Though women comprise 30 per cent of the event industry in general and Telangana in particular, they are the most creative brains behind many successful events and the creativity, Rakhi said. TCEI currently has 350 members, but we need more women, Rakhi Kankaria said. That is why we have been continuously encouraging women. And more women are also getting into event industry.

The city’s event industry ecosystem is also developing on par with the best cities in India and abroad. Many event industry enterprises have come up. They own event venues, convention halls, event properties, built ticketing platforms too.

Lucky Candles, the only manufacturer of designer candles show cased 50 plus varieties of candles of different, shape, size and weight at TEMA Connect. Some of the varieties include Painted Candles, Printed Candles, Unity Candles and 50 other varieties. There was a candle of 3kgs weight displayed, costing Rs 3000/- . They even made a 30 kg candle custom made for a client. It is a brain child of my mother informed Bharath Kumar M. We have candles for every occasion, purpose and event theme, he added.

Vibhu Agarwal, PRO Events India showcased many kinds of event props. So also, Sri Varshini PROP House. Both these enterprises make weddings memorable with their best creative props.

Managing Virtual events, event entrepreneurs have always raised to the occasion adds Shravan. Now the trend is in-person events returning with jet speed adds Ramesh K. Muppana.

Most people in the city believe in-person meetings and they will return to their pre-pandemic numbers soon, he added.

Touchless Technology and digital event communication are playing an important role in creating safer in-person events, observed some event professionals.

A new breed of professionals are also entering into event entrepreneurship is changing event canvas of the city, added another professional.


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