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Top 10 Social Media Myths

Entrepreneurs, Stay Away from these 10 myths about Social Media

1. Not for my business

Do you think that your business is very different and you don't need to be present on Social media?

Then just try to find out some better alternative for yourself, as your business will going to end...


Dear entrepreneurs, Be serious about Social media.

It's not a fad. But, essential when it comes to establishing your identity and/or organization identity, irrespective of your organization is big or small, new or old.

You cannot ignore the fact that every large company has spent the time to build an active social media presence. Google, Apple is also not an exception.

Do you agree?

Name any company and you will find them on Social media...

2. Be present on every social platform

First of all, it's not required. And it's a very bad idea, to enhance the online presence.

Be selective.

Shortlist the platforms where your target customers are present. Start with 2 or 3. Slowly start building your own strategy.

3. Number of followers equals customers


N e v e r.

Focus on the engagement of the audience ... and not on the followers. Again, the follower is not your direct customer, in stages. But, the one who is interested to follow your account hence the organization.

4. Can not measure the social perfoemance.

You can measure and track every activity and its influence. Social is extremely measurable. Just need to add some efforts like tracking URLs, visibility into your purchase funnel, unified customer databases.

There is nothing called magic, but consistent and targeted efforts can make it.

5. Content marketing is media

Just one more notion that is simply untrue. Social media marketing gives you a platform from which you can more easily distribute your content. One does not work well without the other, and understanding this is critical.

6. You can ignore negative feedback

Why to?

This practice makes for poor customer service which, when discovered, will likely leave a brand on your business that users won’t soon forget.

Instead, try to make the situation right by addressing it. Don’t avoid confrontation by just removing the negative comment. Show that you care and you want to solve the issue by putting forth the effort to contact them and make the situation right performance.

7. Only for attracting new customers

Most of the people with whom you are communicating on social are your current customers. Research from DDB found that 84% of the fans of company Facebook pages are – on average – current or former customers of the brand.

Of course they are. We “like” what we actually like. Recognize that in social you are primarily preaching to the choir. And to me, that makes social primarily a loyalty and retention play, not a straight customer acquisition play.

8. Email will of no use.


One must have an email to sign up for any social network, it’s tough to see a scenario by which email vanishes. Further, given that social is mostly a loyalty play, that puts social in the same strategic camp as email. Both are used to keep your brand top-of-mind among people who have given you permission to do so. Email and social are complementary tactics, not oppositional ones.

9. Website is not required, when you are available on social platforms and vice versa.

Your own website is your online home. And, You cannot pick between a social media platform and your website. You must have both! You should have an online presence that involves both social media platforms that you choose and your own personal branded website.

Try sharing content from your website to your Facebook or Linkedin pages. One of the most beneficial things you can do is the link to your social media on your website. All of this not only helps with SEO but it’s good for your brand as a whole.

10. Not for B2B.

Yes, the process, strategy, tactics to be used is different for B2B and B2C.

But the strategic thrust of content (help, inform) and social (help, humanize) are the same regardless of what you’re selling. Further, every B2B customer is also a B2C customer, and the marketing playbooks of the B2C companies are changing the expectations of B2B buyers. If you think you can take a pass on this stuff because “we’re B2B” you’re in real trouble.

Social media is a spectator sport. It's about playing your inning ...irrespective of the surrounding. Concentrate on your play. Don't lose the golden opportunity to establish a positive identity, with the appropriate use of Social Media.

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