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Trust, Empowerment, and Accountability helps one become an exceptional leader: Dr Kiran Bedi.

Dr. Kiran Bedi Former Lt Governor of Puducherry and super cop, addresses hundred plus FLO members on Policing, Politics and Playing Fair in a program held in The Park, Somajiguda on Monday evening.

Dr. Kiran Bedi addressed 150 plus members of FICCI FLO Hyderabad on Policing, Politics, and Playing Fair on the sidelines of her latest book Fearless Governance. inspired from 5 years of her tenure as the Lt. Governor of Puducherry she penned the book.

Talking about leadership, Dr. Kiran Bedi, shared that Trust, Empowerment, and Accountability which she calls as the TEA mantra, helps one become an exceptional leader.

Speaking about her 5 year tenure as the Lt. Governor, Dr. Kiran Bedi shared numerous habits and ideas that enabled her to exceptionally lead the public office, the office of Lt. Governor of Puducherry.

Dr. Kiran Bedi asked women to be more mobile, visible, and interactive to be effective leaders.

Recalling how people called her a mother/sister during her years as the Lt. Governor of Puducherry she said establishing a human contact is what makes a woman special. And she called upon women to use it as a transformation tool in their leadership.

She called upon the woman to be accessible, visible, don't get pressured, find solutions, and be ready to move.

Concluding her presentation, Dr. Bedi said once she became fearless, her tenure as a Lt. Governor of Puducherry became limitless she claimed.

Answering a question from the audience, she expressed that economical empowerment of women is the catalyst of transformation in the society.

The women are born managers, from making the best use of every buck at home to conflict management, it all comes natural to them, she added.

If one woman/girl empowers 10 women/girls a revolution of great order would get started she said.

The 73 years old Dr Kiran Bedi is a super cop turned politician. She is an inspiration to many. Right from childhood, Kiran Bedi diverted towards uplifting the society. To realise her dream, she joined IPS in 1972. And she became the first woman to join IPS. And by doing so, she brought hope and light into the lives of girls and women in the country. As a cop she never took a step back to execute tough assignments and proved to be highly successful, that is why we chose her to address us, said Shubhraa Maheshwari, Chairperson of the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO). I am sure our members will get a lot of inspiration from her talk, she added.

She is one of the most powerful women that country has ever seen. Power is not synonymous to strength.. It's the mental power that can make one move mountains. Some women may be made of flowers n frills but some are made of grit and steel and one such iconic personality is amongst us today she said

Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

Being herself a most sought after financial professional, Shubhraa chose “Financial Literacy” as theme for the year

. Even though financial literacy is crucial for success, there isn’t much attention paid in our educational institutions.

To be financially literate is to know how to manage your money. But, that skill is left to people to pick up on their own

. Financial literacy for women is an important aspect of their independence. It empowers them to make independent decisions either in normal circumstances or in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.all the programs organised during the year will be centered around Financial Literacy explained Shubhraa.


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