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Webinar on " AIAG-VDA-FMEA for Prevention of Risks and Defects " on 22nd Feb. 2022

Poona Divisional Productivity Council, Pune (PDPC)

in association with

Pune Management Association (PMA)


Webinar on

"AIAG-VDA-FMEA for Prevention of Risks and Defects for Prevention of Risks and Defects"

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, 22nd Feb. 2022, from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis) is widely used as a quality improvement tool for defect prevention and control. Many industries are now using FMEA techniques as part of these risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies.

In FMEA, failures are prioritized according to how serious their consequences are. How frequently they offer and how easily they can be

Resource Person :

Mr. Prashant Marathe.

33 years of working experience in Tata Motors, Mahendra, etc. as a Trainer / Consultant

Lead Auditor for Quality Systems


The webinar is aimed at bringing in the understanding of the meaning and the process of FMEA and its application of reducing defects in manufacturing.

Useful to :

Managers, Engineers and all employees willing to learn and understand new methods, additions and changes in the new edition of AIAG-VDA-FMEA

How to participate in the webinar :

Confirm registration through the link -

For more details, please connect -


  • Website– ,

  • Phone– PDPC : 020-24212458, 020-24225541, 020-24226918. PMA : 020-25533859, 9423001286


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