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What Is a Happy Work Environment ?

Regardless of industry, a positive work environment promotes open communication throughout the hierarchy. Everyone has respect for each other and understands their own role, the roles of others and the boundaries between roles.

Management has a fair, consistent approach and wants to meet the needs of employees. They value each employee and their contribution to the success of the business.

There is a fair, balanced evaluation system, meaningful rewards and opportunities to progress.

The physical aspects of a positive work environment tend to link with the job role and industry. For example, for office-based roles, employers should offer a clean, functional workplace. It should have spacious workstations, comfortable seating and adequate breakout areas. The space should be big enough to accommodate all necessary resources and equipment. Staff must be able to move around without feeling cramped.

In all industries, employees must have access to the relevant equipment to do their work. Whether this is provided depends on the organization and/or job role. For example, a carpenter or technician might be expected to bring their own tools. But in an office, IT equipment and printing facilities are usually provided by the employer.

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