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“ Why should we hire you? "

Have you faced this question?

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, this is one of the most tricky and most expected, but wicket-taking questions.


Then, you are in right place.

Recruiters often ask candidates “Why should we hire you?”


No, not because they are with a lot of time.

One of the reasons is that they want to make sure that they hire someone who would make a great professional and cultural fit for the organization.

Interview questions like these help the recruiters assess the candidate’s skills and abilities better, and it gives them a chance to explore how confident the candidate feels about taking up this job.

Apart from it, it is a great opportunity for the aspirants to discuss why they would be a good fit for the job in question and how they will use their skills and experience to add value to the company.

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” for freshers

Interview questions like “Why should we hire you?” can be challenging for job seekers, especially if you are a fresher. How you answer this question can make or break the deal in a job interview, and without skills and prior experience, the talking points become limited for novice candidates.

1. Do a SWOT analysis, of yourself, honestly.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and the process involves identifying these 4 to make your answer rich with reasons to justify why you are the right person for the said job.

Every interviewer is looking for a specific skill set and Every job seeker has a unique skill set and experience. While answering interview questions like “Why should we hire you?”, make sure you discuss relevant strengths to support your answer.

2. Let your experience reflects

For jobseekers with no prior work experience, you can explain your strengths with examples, with your college experience.

e.g. organizing an event, getting sponsorship from corporates for the evrnys, etc.

For experienced professionals, the role they played, in their corporate journey, helps them to answer, with the right words and phrases. Use proper tense.

3. Understand the task and then respond.

TO answer any question, use the 4 step formula: identifying the Situation, understanding the task, defining an action plan, and anticipating the result of the said action plan.

In this case, your situation is a job interview, the task is to prove why you should be hired for this job, the action plan requires you to find talking points to justify your candidature, and the desired result is to get hired.

4. Online certifications and skills

Online certifications can go a long way with recruiters. It helps you understand the concepts of the industry and reflects initiative on your part to learn more.

As you try to answer the interview question “Why should we hire you?”, talk about your initiative to upskill, discuss hard and soft skills developed in the process, and the value-added by these online certifications to your resume.

“Why should we hire you” for freshers can be a complex question but if answered methodically, it can fetch you the winning points in an interview. With this blog, we hope you now have a basic understanding of how to structure your answer, what talking points to include, and how to use the sample answers to frame your own.

All the best!

Best wishes !!

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Durga Borude
Durga Borude
Feb 21, 2022

Yup, that's absolutely right.... Good article.... 👍

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