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A nationwide multi-city, Raga, Rasa Aur Fursat, a Hindustani Classical Concert tour held

.Raga, Rasa Aur Fursat, a Hindustani Classical Concert featuring the renowned classical vocalist Nirali Kartik from Mumbai and the rising star of Sitar, Mehtab Ali Niazi from Delhi held in the city on Friday evening at Saptaparni - Banjara Hills. It was formally inaugurated by Konda Vishveshwar Reddy, former MP, Mohan Hemmadi, Founder, Lakshmi Devi, VP Surmandal.

Raga, Rasa aur Fursat was a multi-city concert tour, an endeavour by Mumbai based organisation Twam Arts, supported by Taj Mahal Tea, Hyderabad based Surmandal and Universal Realtors. Hyderabad is the opening city for this concert tour.

Speaking on the occasion why they chose Hyderabad to start a multi-city tour she said, Hyderabadis love Taj Mahal tea the most. So they chose Hyderabad first over my home city Mumbai said Nirali Karthik

She began her performance with Raga Madhuvanti, mehman se ….We all are Mahman on this planet. Why do we live with pyaar(love for each other). It was followed by Bandish Kahe Maan Karo. She then performed a tarana in Kalavati, followed by Boondan Boondan and ending with Mrignayni.

Raga, Rasa aur Fursat saw two exceptionally talented artists Nirali Kartik and Mehtab Ali Niazi performing two acts along with accompanying musicians. The venue Saptaparni came alive with Indian classical melodies presented in a contemporary way.

Their accompanying artists of Nirali Karthik include Amit Mishra, Omkar Agnihotri and Khurram.

Additionally, the jasmine flowers, traditional seating arrangements and the candle-lit decor was reminiscent of how the royalty of the past enjoyed classical music. Dhruv Singh, a sought-after designer in Delhi headed the decor of the event.

The main performing artist Nirali Kartik is an eminent classical vocalist from Mumbai. She is the disciple of the Mewati Gharana maestro Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. She started to learn music from Shri Vikas Parikh at the Saptak School of Music, Ahmedabad. A recipient of Shrestha Sadhak Award from Gujarat Sangeet Natak Kala Academy, Nirali Kartik has performed at some of the most prestigious venues of India like IIC Delhi, IMG Jan fest, Khusrau Kabir Festival, Concerts by Kala Prakash - Varanasi, JLF and many more. She has also performed at international venues like Meru concerts Holland, Tagore Centre Berlin, Vrije Geluiden and more.

Nirali Kartik’s performances are laced with thoughtful presentation of the ragas and a certain exuberance that takes the audience onto the journey of their own.

The concert was opened by artist Mehtab Ali Niazi. Mehtab belongs to the very famous Bhendi Bazar gharana. His father, Ustad Mohsin Ali Khan who is a great Sitar player himself, started training Mehtab from the age of 4 years.

Mehtab has been performing since then and on his first performance at the age of 6 at Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji’s birthday celebration, he left the crowd astounded. His passion and his focus towards his career has made him an incredible budding Sitar player. Even today, at this young age, Mehtab has a sterling reputation all over the country. He has performed in various cities leaving the audience amazed. His exponentially amplifying talent never fails to stun the people who listen or watch him perform. He has had the pleasure of representing his country India in many successful concerts internationally as well.

Entry to the concert was free and the city's elite attended it.


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