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Aims to build 100 homes in Telangana by the end of December 2022

BuildNext, India’s leading tech-enabled home builder opened an Experience Centre at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

This centre has an experiential zone, where a customer will be able to see his future home, immerse in it and feel it even before it is constructed.

The experience centre has been upgraded with the state-of-the-art technology- Virtual Reality (VR) experience, where customers can take their homes for a test drive before they start construction.

BuildNext raised recently $3.5 million in the last ‘pre-series A’ funding led by Pidilite Industries’.

It is eyeing Tier-II cities like Warangal in Telangana for their expansion.

Now it is all set to launch operations in Coimbatore and Bengaluru as well as Chennai in the next couple of months.

BuildNext aims to build 100 homes in Telangana by the end of December 2022

It aims to reach a stage building 10000 homes a year in next 7 years

BuildNext currently has a widespread presence across Kerala with projects in every district of the state and has initiated operations in Hyderabad.

The company has 150+ projects in the design and delivery phases and has already handed over 70+ projects. In the next phase of expansion, the company aims to enter multiple states to delight customers with a differentiated home building experience.”

Commenting on the BuildNext’s USP Gopi Krishnan, Founder & CEO, BuildNext said we build homes we the love and data. Our USP is the ability to provide unique designs and customization options to their customers. The In-house team of architects, understand the requirements of customers to create designs they would cherish. These designs are not only customized to the tastes of the customer but also ensure functionality. To ensure functionality and useability of the homes, BuildNext has developed a Building Performance Index (BPI) that makes sure that the designs give you the maximum space utilization, high energy efficiency and making the most of natural lighting & ventilation”.

Finaz Naha, Co-Founder and COO, BuildNext said, “Telangana is a growing market with abundant infrastructural development. The advancement of infrastructure boosts the growth of new houses especially in the outskirts of the cities and in smaller towns, as they get connected with the major city centres.

In Hyderabad, BuildNext has 2 centres, one in Banjara Hills and other in Nagole. BuildNext sees Telangana as one of its major markets with significant growth potential. Company aims to sign up 100 projects in the state by December 2022.” he added further.

The tech not only enables customers to visualize the design of their homes but also allows them to select finer details like the colour and finishes of the walls, flooring, ceiling etc.

The Experience centre offers a unique phygital experience of being able to select colours and finishes from physical samples and being able to experience how they blend together with the design of their homes in Virtual reality. The tech doesn’t end there, the in-house developed App (available on Android and iOS platforms) also allows customers to be in control of their home building journey, giving them updates of their home on a daily basis, including information of the quality checks and drawings. These drawings are available on the app even after the homes are handed over, making it a ready reference in case of any work that needs to be done in the future.

Building our home is one of the most draining experiences one goes through, both financially and emotionally. Lack of transparency and accountability always leads to head aches and bad experiences. Right from planning, everyone is worried about making the wrong choices, in design, in choice of materials, in build contract etc. Visiting BuildNext’ experience centre is a must for anyone planning to build. The centre is the right place to start your home building journey as it has all the info about various design styles, material choices, design details, functionalities and ergonomics needed for your home.

It has over 160 employees. Last year it registered a revenue of Rs 7.5 crore (design and project revenue). It has built Rs 36 core rupees value of homes

Post the pandemic the changes in design requirements was to add functionality to work from

Home. Earlier people used to create a space in their bedroom for Work From Home. Now they are asking for multiple Work from Home places. They want nice background and good interiors which can go well in video streaming

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