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AIRA enters and exchanges MoUs with several organisations

The All India Robotics Association, Hyderabad based not for profit trade body of Robotic enterprises, the first in the country established to support, nurture and create robotics business opportunities in India announced several first of its kind of initiatives in India. These initiatives were announced in a program held in T-Hub 2.0, on Friday by Mr Kisshhan Psv, the Founder of AIRA.

AIRA is on a mission in making India the largest Robotics and Drones Hub in the world. Taking Robotics to the grass root level and integrating it into every sector is our objective, said Kisshhan. In the past, we had only 350 Startups in the Robotics vertical but now, we have 3700, he said.

AIRA aims to create one million Roboticists by the year 2025, he added.

Some of these include HAR VIBHAG MEIN ROBOTICS, an initiative to ensure the deployment of robotics in every possible area of our life.

The initiative was launched by Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Govt of Telangana in a program held in T-Hub.

AIRA entered MoUs with several organisations. Some of these include Emerging Technology Wing, Govt of Telangana; TSIC for Har School Mein Robotics Labs; TASK for Har College Mein Robots Program; RICH –Agriculture Robotics Research & Programs; RTC—Robotics Experience Centres; STUMAGZ—30 Robotics Cohorts; Tomato Media—to produce Robotics Edutainment Reality OTT Show(to be aired Zee 5 OTT Platform); Robotics Labs in Gated Communities.

These MoU were exchanged in the presence of Jayesh Ranjan and Ms Rama Devi Lanka, OSD Emerging Tech Wing, Govt of Telangana

Speaking on the occasion Mr Jayesh Ranjan said Har Vibhag Mein Robotics is a laudable initiative. Involving students and making them use robotics to solve real-life problems is highly appreciable. There is an abundant talent like Slok, a 9th class student from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Adilabad who was given rupees five lakh grant by AIRA today to help him in his research project titled ‘Slok Assistant’ using both AI and Robotics.

Unlike Japan and Korea, we are late in the adoption of Robotics and their applications but we are making firm steps. Ranjan also advised AIRA to involve people associated with Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed earlier.

Mr Ranjan appreciated AIRA bringing on many stakeholders on a single platform and chalking out a rural outreach program through TSIC and spreading it to rural areas. Development should not be Hyderabad-centric. I am happy to note that it has drawn firm plans to involve people across Telangana. He also advised AIRA to collaborate with some colleges where Robotics is taught, not as the main subject. Presently Robotics is taught as one of the subjects. It can be a full-fledged course. Some institutions must start the same.

Robotics was one of the eight emerging technologies I presented we must focus on in my first meeting with KT Rama Rao in 2018 said Ms Rama Devi Lanka, OSD Emerging Tech Wing, Govt of Telangana. And we would be coming up with Policy FrameWork on Robotics by December, she informed us.

Ms. Shanta Thoutam, CIO of TSIC said TSIC was building a culture of innovation. We are taking the concept of Robotics and Drone to 33 districts of Telangana. She spoke about intinta innovator, the campaign aims to reach out to every member of every household to encourage them to think of themselves as problem solvers, and not people who merely complain. The campaign generated a lot of interest and 750 registered and we short-listed 163 innovations under ‘Intinta Innovator’ programme, she shared and added that Telangana has done a lot of firsts or first of its kind of things.

Mr. Srikanth Sinha, CEO TASK said 718 colleges registered with TASK. We will promote Robotics among college students.

ANGEL AIRA, an Angel Fund for Robotic Startups was launched on the occasion.

AIRA Grant was launched. It is a grant of INR 5 to 10 lakhs to Teams/Startups/Individuals who are working on Agritech/Healthtech/Defence Robotics. Slok, a 14 years old student from Adilabad was given away a Rs 5 lakh grant for his research in robotics using AI and Robotics to help senior citizens and teens with that product. Nearly 50 students will be extended help like him. Later they will have to exhibit their innovation at a global summit. They will be taken to the international exhibition to be held in Los Vegas.

National Robotics Day is announced. December 15 each year will be observed as National Robotics Day.

AIRA announced the Global Summit on Robotics to be held on December 16 to 18 at HICC in Hyderabad. It will be India's largest festival of Robotics.

It is also shared that soon AIRA and Marut Drones together press Robotics in Agriculture.

AIRA membership card was launched and given to students who can access Robotics research labs across India with this membership card.


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