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All women in this country must be financially independent: Farzana Haque, TCS Leadership, Board Member

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) & Young FICCI Ladies Organisation(YFLO) Annual Session & Change of Guard held in the city at Hotel Park on Thursday evening


A session on the Future of Global Women Leaders was held. Farzana Haque, TCS Leadership, Philanthropist, Board Member, and Mentor was in conversation with Ritu Shah, the Chairperson for 2023-24


Farzana Haque is one of the leading voices globally and influencers on building large organizations, women empowerment, technology, youth development, and education while addressing 300 plus FLO and YFlO members who said women should be financially independent. All daughters in this country must be able to look after their parents without seeking financial help from others. All daughters should have the power to write cheques. Women struggle not just in our country but in every community and geography.


Gender equality is important to me not because of anything else but because there is a huge opportunity to explore the potential of the other half of the country, she said


Women should support other women who are struggling. And be the best version of yourself, Farzana added.


Serving as the 22nd Chairperson of the FLO Hyderabad chapter has been a journey of growth, learning, and transformation, and I am immensely thankful for the opportunity bestowed upon me sad Ritu Shah in her farewell address


We were successful in creating an unprecedented impact with 40,000 women and girls benefiting from our health initiatives and 2,200 individuals enriched through education, Ritu Shah said


In the same year, more than 100,000+ menstrual hygiene pads were distributed and life skills training was undertaken


With Rs 30 Lakhs grant as substantial support from the government, our attempts to rejuvenate the traditional craft of Telia Rumal and the artisanal community of Puttapaka have helped us give a fresh sense of direction and financial autonomy to the community.


In a change of guard, Priya Gazdar and Ridhi Jain succeeded as Chairpersons of FLO and YFLO for the year 2024-25 after signing the charter and exchanging medallions.


The newly installed Chairperson Priya Gazdar unveiled her program for the year. Our focus for the year will be to work towards the economic and social impacts of various groups of society.


When women prosper, the whole world will prosper, Priya said while unveiling her vision. Every team member will be a change-maker and leave a mark


Ridhi Jain, the new and the 19th YFO Chair said let us rise collectively and empower women. She unveiled her vision video and announced the theme ‘evolving heroes to rise, empower and thrive’ for the year.


Connect, an in-house magazine was launched during the program


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