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Session Beyond The Lesson - Arunima Jha

We always want someone to guide us in exactly in the way we need to. Content Creator and Legal Advisor Arunima Jha did exactly the same during her recent interaction on Instagram Live Hosted by Creative Director Prachetan Potadar.

The topic of the session was already grabbed my attention due to amazing gifs made by Harshada Potadar, so this session received a lot of questions in advance before live streaming.

The motto of this session is to spread positive vibes and accept the fact "It's OK Not to be OK ". That's why it kept it as the Title of the show.

This session witnessed a lot of poets, students, working professionals, corporate trainers joining the comments box and typing amazing questions without any hesitation.

In this, people came to know about the importance of mental health- as a real wealth along with physical health as Arunima shared her perspective on various approaches and real-life experience. In this session, she also opened up about bullying, harassment, depression and anxiety disorder she went through and how she conquered all those hurdles and marked her presence as an achiever.

1st session was a healthy interaction about mental health and some of the lessons shared by Arunima Jha were learned after a lot of experience. While 2nd session had some instances when it comes to her passion for content creation on a different platform.

She justified her role on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram according to presenting her perspective and maintaining the quality of content by all means.

She also unlocked her side as an animal lover which was surprising for a lot of her followers and they appreciated it through comments from time to time.

Arunima was so expensive while conveying gratitude to the audience who asked excellent questions and host Prachetan Potadar for anchoring the session on such a vast topic in this limited duration.

She also enjoyed rapid fire at the end.

If you want to cherish these memories in detail just follow these 2 links below : -

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


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