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Benefits of Solar Rooftop

Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftop Panels:

1. The increase of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Mono Oxide is causing an alarming situation in the world called “Global Warming.” These solar rooftop systems don’t produce greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CO. From recent research studies, and we got to know that this solar energy can eliminate the carbon emissions by 258 million metric tons if they are extensively used over the next twenty years.

2. Solar rooftop panels don’t just power the AC on exhausting hot summer days, but also they take over some of the AC’s functions themselves. In the research work of the University of California at San Diego, which says solar rooftop panels not only produce emissions-free electricity but also cool down the roof and the building they are attached to. It lowers cooling costs and also offers an extra advantage of being solar.

3. Solar rooftop system installation offers cost savings. Because the tariff rate of solar rooftop panels is 17% and 27% cheaper than commercial and traditional tariff rates. Solar rooftop installation also reduces electricity bills because rooftop solar panels supply electricity to the building, so they need to buy less electricity from the grid, and the net-metering allows you to sell your excess power to the utility company for even lower energy bills.

4. Though the deficiency of electricity is decreasing in India day by day, several rural and urban areas have such interrupted and unreliable connection of grid electricity. So they are forced to use diesel generator, which causes adverse effects on health and air pollution. So, rooftop solar panels are the perfect and affordable choice in this scenario. Since solar rooftop panels use the sun as their source of energy, so they are eco-friendly, and their cost of operation is also stable.

5. One of the most significant advantages of installing the solar rooftop system is, it doesn’t require additional area or space for installation. So one can efficiently utilize the space of their rooftops. Furthermore, the solar rooftop panels offer protection to the roof of the building on which they are installed.

6. Solar rooftop panels utilize sunlight to generate electricity, and India is an ideal geographical place and receives ample of tropical sunlight. There are almost 300 sunny days with clear skies each year in India. So we can say that India is an ideal place to install a solar rooftop system.

7. One of the main factors that highlight the importance of solar rooftop panels is that they require minimal maintenance. They come up with a service life of 25 years, and all they need is to clean those solar rooftop panels once every 15-20 days with a cloth.

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