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Children are like Missiles : Chief Guest Missile Scientist DRDO Dr. A. Ramachander Rao

A unique kind of competition called SIP Prodigy was organized on Sunday morning at Classic Convention in Shamshabad for 2500 children aged 6 to 12 years.

SIP Regional Prodigy 2023 Telangana competition was inaugurated by SIP Academy Managing Director Dinesh Victor and DRDO Missile Scientist Dr A. Ramachander Rao. Dr. Rao is also the father of SIP Academy Alumni.

Addressing the children on the occasion, the missile scientist Dr. A. Ramachander Rao said that children are like missiles. Missiles are of two types. One is a guided missile and the other is an unguided missile. We fire and forget the unguided missile. An unguided missile. when used, it may or may not reach the target. A guided missile has a GPS system. Also, it is onboard with the computer. Hence it will definitely hit the target with precision.

If children also study under proper guidance, they will be able to reach their goals easily. I can see Aryabhattas, Ramanujas and Shakuntaladevi in many of you. You are all math scientists. You may face failures in your endeavors. In English, FAIL is the short form of First Attempt In Learning. So see failures as stepping stones to success

Dinesh Victor said that the journey of SIP Academy which was started in Hyderabad in 2003 has spread to 23 states of our country. Two lakh students are getting training every year in more than 350 cities across the country. There are 950 franchise centers. We are affiliated with over 1000 schools. We have 450 trainers. Now Abacus training has spread to 15 countries. He said that there are 54 training centers in Telangana where 8000 children are trained every year. And SIP Academy has had the honour of training 10 lakh children in the last twenty years. He said that SIP Abacus training is not only about mathematics but also teaches many life skills in life.

A fun competition was held after the important competition. There they played loud music. Children were tested to see if they could do math at the same speed as before without any diversion of concentration

SIP Academy India's largest skill development organization, SIP Academy conducts training for children aged 6 to 12 years across Telangana.

Two thousand five hundred children will participate in the regional round competition held in the city. The competition was tough, as the kids did 200 calculations in just 11 minutes. They did math calculations faster than a calculator. The winners will qualify to participate in the national competition in November.

It was a competition for the smartest brains. Every year, top students are recognized and their achievements are celebrated through an annual event called 'Prodigy'. Here, the child can demonstrate his/her math skills. SIP Academy Telangana State Head Bharat V informed that in the last 17 years, SIP Academy has organized more than 150 prodigy events.

Champions, 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners-up will be awarded trophies.

Conducting world-class skill development programs, SIP Academy is making a significant impact on the mental capacity of children. It is widely known for producing child prodigies with razor-sharp intelligence. It holds 5 Limca Book of Records.


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