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CIE-IIITH’s Startup Demo Day sees 15 startups pitched to 35 angels, VCs & Corporates

- Startups from Avishkar-DeepTech, Ojas-MedTech & Product labs seeding accelerator

- From varied technologies AI, NLP, AR/VR, CV, IoT, Dronetech technologies working in data analysis, predictive data and industrial manufacturing domains.

- CIE-IIITH has supported over 400+ startups over the past 13 years and runs 20 cohorts of accelerators.

CIE-IIITH organized its biannual Demo Day earlier this weekwhere15 startups from various programs pitched to over 30 investors. All 15 startups have garnered interest from investors and conversations are on.

CIE-IIITH is a 13-year-old incubator, supported by DST, MEITY & DBT in its early days. CIE-IIITH has till date supported 400+ startups and seed-funded 25 startups. It is now also focusing on infrastructure facilities, programs and startup engagements in order to build a deep tech startup ecosystem.

CIE-IIITH’s Demo Day showcases startups from its Avishkar-DeepTech, Ojas-MedTech accelerator programs as well as Product Labs startup seeding. The startups at this demo day were spread across solution realms from IOT-AI for Industrial automation, CV-based game data analysis, AR-VR-based virtual meeting platforms, drone-based surveillance, surveying etc.

The Accelerator programs offers upto 40L seed funding, and technology help through research labs of IIITH, along with strategy and GTM advisory leading upto initial customer traction. The startups are from varied technologies like AI/ML, CV, NLP, Dronetech, AR/VR, working in various domains of manufacturing, data analysis, surveillance, virtual meeting platforms, asset tracking.

“Happy to see good results in recent years of 25 total accelerated startups in the past 5 year. Few startups have had seriesA+ funds raised at very high valuation (BlueSemi. DreamVu) and some even got acquired (Revos, Instoried), said Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, COO, CIE-IIITH

Investors included SucSeed Indovation Fund, Kalaari, Venture Catalyst, Mumbai Angels, IAN, HA, Blume Ventures, Endiya Partners. Corporates such as Microsoft, Biocon, TCS, GMR, ICICI also attended the Demo Day Most startups garnered interest from investors for follow on conversations.



Intech Harness Pvt Ltd

They are developing a technology platform for farmers facing erratic power & water conditions on the farm and also handhold the farmer onto the platform of Data-Driven Irrigation through the modular offering of Deeptech.

Age: 3 Years

Domain: Agritech

Customers: Mr.Sharad (End User), Mr. Ayyub (Dealer From FPO)

Funds Raised: 30K USD

Matchday ai

Matchday ai is reimagining sports for the mobile generation. Sports have been the same for generations but consumer habits have changed drastically. At the core, the solution is a super low-cost and scalable AI algorithm that can automatically measure game performance and physical attributes using only video as an input. The estimated SAM is 1.1 B$ annually for badminton and 16 B$ for football as we aim to unlock a massive market currently untapped by tech companies.

Age: 2 Years

Domain: AI/ Sports Customers: Star Sports Funds Raised: 70k Usd


Vyomik Innovations Pvt Ltd

Vyomik Drones builds UAVs that provide multi-faceted solutions to diverse industrial sectors. Their drones are powered with the right hardware and software that serve as intelligent resources for industries in the Land Mapping, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Mining, Public Sectors, and Energy Utilities. They also provide drone based solutions for different

sectors to improve efficiency and accuracy by using data acquisition skills and AI based image processing algorithms to analyze the data and provide meaningful reports for the management to take preventive measures and increase operational efficiency.

Age: 1.5 Years

Domain: UAV/ Dronetech

Customers: Myhome, Ncte, At Urban, Aparna Western Meadown, Dreaam Valler Group & Kancharla & Giridhari Homes, Geosilicon, Swachha Andhra Corporation.

Funds Raised: 13K USD




HomeGround is a platform that brings professional cricket training and analytics to the grassroots. We use Computer Vision and AI to review cricket training videos and provide real-time feedback, recommendations and connect to experts. All the user has to do is capture live or upload a pre-recorded training video to get actionable insights and recommendations to improve.

Age: 1 Year

Domain: AI & Sportstech

Customers: Sun Cricket Academy, Good Sports Cricket Academy, Ibowl And Leverage.

Funds Raised: 30K USD


Seethos India Private Limited

Seethos is a technology firm specializing in artificial intelligence solutions. Currently, we are developing projects/products for the Indian Army. Seethos R&D is working on other AI solutions that suits to small banks and credit unions in the USA.

Age: 3 Years

Domain: AI

Customers: Indian Army

Funds Raised: Fully Bootstrapped



Machstatz provides an Industrial AI platform for instant connectivity across machines, deliver insights and help achieve business outcomes across manufacturing.The platform provides machine learning diagnostics for machines and process analytics solutions. These solutions are being implemented in manufacturing industries which increases production efficiency and reduce downtime of industrial machines on real time basis.

Age: 4 Years

Domain: AI/ IIoT

Customers:JindalSteel&PowerLimited,BorosilRenewablesLtd., ArvindFashions,Wellspun,Duroflex,Volvo&Eicher

Funds Raised: 96K USD


NextMeet - WorkingBot Technologies Pvt Ltd

NextMeet is an immersive Meet-Up platform that enables real-time virtual conferencing and networking in an avatar-based 3D environment. Launched under the ambit of WorkingBot Technologies, NextMeet is the first avatar-based virtual conferencing platform created in India. NextMeet provides corporations, institutions and event organizers the ability to convene in a dynamic ecosystem, bypassing the associated logistical costs as well as UI-induced fatigue.

Age: 1 Year

Domain: Metaverse, Vr, Remote Collaboration Customers: Michigan State University, Icfai University, Boston Consulting Group

Funds Raised: 130k Usd Raised So Far.


Nexmatics Private Ltd

Nexmatics Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Trackers is designed for applications requiring accurate, precise and high update rate real-time location. Our Trackers processes contextual information to ease decision making and precise device management. We build solutions— not just techs —that improve the abilities of individuals, associations and the world at large. We are focused on keeping our clients in front of the opposition and assisting them with getting ready for change.

Age: 1 Year 5 Months

Customers: Shengel Dubai, Al Futtaim Engineering And Technology, Kavin Infrastructure And Services, Upv Solar, Ampatron Australia, Sbsr Kannam Private Limited, Stalwart Sourcing Solutions ,Geo Info Media, Perfect Surveyors, Evergreen Farms

Funds Raised: Bootstrapped Domain: IoT



DreamVu is a pioneer and the leader in omnidirectional 3D vision systems. DreamVu's product is a single sensor-based, 360-degree camera with depth sensing.

Age: 4 Years 3 Months

Domain: 3d vision, Camera technology, Depth Imaging


Founder: Rajat

BlueSemi RnD

BlueSemi was founded with the vision to leverage innovative, cutting-edge technology that promotes responsible disruption in Health-tech AIoT through their proven expertise in

product development. It is gearing up to launch its flagship consumer health tech product

that is a non-invasive and revolutionary device that analyses 6 key vitals like blood glucose, ECG, BP, HR, SPO2, and temperature in just 60 seconds.

Age: 4 Years 5 Months

Domain: Consumer Healthcare IoT Website: Funds Raised: $69 Million Founder: Sunil Maddikatla

Sublt.AI creates document intelligence that can understand natural language questions our users have and route them to relevant extracts from documents, like an expert of these documents would. The technology has been validated in the finance domain and we are positioning the product for Banks, at least for the next 6-9 months. We had also almost made it to the YC winter batch and are hopeful to get in for the summer 2021 batch.

Age: 2 Years

Domain: Banking/ BFSI Customers: SBI, BDL, GRSE Funds Raised: INR 60 Lakhs Founder: Vishnu Ramesh Website:


Apxor is the world's first digital nudging platform for apps. Nudges are non-intrusive and appear only when the users need them. Leading apps like Dream11, Doubtnut, Shemaroo rely on Apxor to experiment on different features.

Age: 6 Years

Domain: SaaS

Customers: Dream 11, Doubtnut, Shemaroo, GrabOn, Quick Ride

Funds Raised: $1.5 Million

Founder: Krishna Kasturi


Arka Aerospace

They are developing the world's first commercial Re-Configurable Drone. Application areas include Drone Delivery, Warehouse movement, and other multi-payload applications

Age: 1 Year

Domain: UAV/ Drone Tech Funds Raised: Bootstrapped Founder: Suraj Bonagiri


Marut Drones

Marut Drones is India's leading drone technology provider. They have many firsts to our name including introducing Data Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to the nascent drone industry in India.

Age: 2.5 Years

Domain: UAV/ Drone Tech Customers: Government of Telangana Funds Raised: $100K

Founder: Prem Kumar


Onward Health

Onward Assist helps improve cancer treatment outcomes by solving the problem of an accurate and timely cancer diagnosis. They enable cancer pathologists and radiologists with automated analytics tools for faster and better reporting.

Age: 5 Years

Domain: AI, Diagnostics Funds Raised: $400K

About IIIT Hyderabad: The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH) is an autonomous research university founded in 1998 that focuses on the core areas of Information Technology, such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and their applications in other domains through inter-disciplinary research with great social impact. Some of its research domains include Visual Information Technologies, Human Language Technologies, Data Engineering, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Wireless Communications, Algorithms and Information Security, Robotics, Building Science, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, IT in Agriculture and e-Governance.

For further information, please contact :

Sunory Dutt, Head of Communications, IIIT-Hyderabad.


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