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Curtains are new age status tools

People in Hyderabad city are spending more on curtains. And this is on the rise and it will continue, says Ankit Goyal of Decor World.

The decade-old Décor World store opened Decor World Select, an Experience Centre for Curtains’, a unique concept in the curtains world not just in the city but the entire India. It is a high-end furnishing store, introducing the best in curtains. The store will be formally inaugurated at Road No 12, Banjara Hills on 15th April.

To avail of experience centre services, a customer has to book a slot along with their architect/ interior designer. Where they can feel, touch, explore, discuss and finalise their selection with lunch. With the help of technology, they can even see how curtains look in their house.

The time slot is entirely given to them and no other customer is entertained during that time slot. It is more of an engaging shopping experience than merely going and buying a catalogue. The experience centre is uniquely designed by spending well over a crore rupees.

Interacting with the media on Wednesday, the city’s one of the top five furnishing experts, Ankit Goyal said our curtains are engaging ones. They tell your stories. The curtains are the new focus in home decor. The industry is going towards luxury in order to fulfil customers’ preferences. Consumers are focusing on budgeting for curtains. Everybody wants to spend, he said

Ankit, a steel industry professional turned furnishing specialist ten years ago, is one of the top five professionals in the domain of furnishings in the city.

Ankit is the globe trotter, who travels all over the world researching trends in curtains. He is the highest-selling retailer across India for World’s # 1 mattress brand ‘Serta’. He is the master franchisee for the brand in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We would like to add three more stores of Serta in the next three years.

His who-is-who clientele includes film stars Samantha, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Venkatesh, Preetham Reddy etc. His store is the care address for good mattresses in the city

Curtains are new status tools. More and more people are spending more on curtains, he informs while interacting with the media. Especially after covid people are looking for spacious houses, preferring villas. Villas and Farmhouse demands have gone up. Every architect in the city has at least one Farm House Project in hand.

Road No 12, Banjara Hills has 15 Furniture, 10 Furnishing and 20 mattresses brand stores, and 500 plus architects reflecting the growing preferences of consumers.

The home furnishing market is 20,000 crores in India. And the market in Hyderabad is 1000 crore and 500 crores in the rest of Telangana. And it is growing at the rate of 25% per annum.

People in the city are spending more on curtains. They are allocating special budgets for the same. And this is on the rise and it will continue. A 3BHK flat owner of say 2 crore worth now spends a minimum of Rs 2 to 3 lakh on curtains alone, he says.

Even small flat owners take time out to select curtains that will improve their home decor.

People are now spending more on furniture, furnishings, and curtains than ever before. They do so to show off. And this consumer behaviour is going to go up, says industry research, adds Ankit.

The unique experience centre curtains is a 2300 ft upmarket store showcasing unique curtains, the city has never witnessed before.

It has hundreds of Designer curtains, theme curtains, poems on curtains, luxury bedroom curtains, expensive curtains, Motorised curtains, automation in furnishings

Curtains play an essential role in Home decoration. They have become mandatory accessories. Now interior designers are spending a lot of time selecting designs and colour schemes, Ankit says

The benefits of curtains are that they increase privacy, regulate sunlight and improve sleep quality, enhance the beauty of the home and set the home atmosphere

The curtain selection has now become an entire family affair. Earlier just women used to choose curtains.

Ankit throws light on three important aspects of house decoration. 01. Furnishing, 02. Furniture and 03. Lighting

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