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Dr. Pratik and Dr. Pramila's "Silent Revolution" Unveiled by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar at Reliance Leadership Innovation Centre, Pune

A milestone moment unfolded at the Reliance Leadership Innovation Centre in Pune as the esteemed Padma Vibhushan recipient, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, unveiled the groundbreaking book "Silent Revolution" authored by Dr. Pratik Mungekar and Dr. Pramila Kudva. The private event witnessed the gathering of great personalities including Dr. Prachetan Potadar, Dr. Saravjeet Kirad, who joined in celebrating this significant literary contribution.

During the event, the media inquired about the prevalent challenges within the contemporary education system. In response, Dr. Mashelkar articulated profound insights, emphasizing the importance of not just learning, but the art of learning itself. He underscored the transformative power of moving beyond rote learning methodologies, advocating for an education paradigm that supports creativity and innovation.

Dr. Mashelkar uneviled the book " Silent Revolution"

Dr. Mashelkar elaborated on the essence of providing every child with not just education, but the right education, delivered in the right manner. He passionately conveyed the necessity of cultivating intrinsic curiosity among students, thereby facilitating the transition from mere information absorption to knowledge creation and innovation.

Addressing educators directly, Dr. Mashelkar urged them to grasp innovative pedagogical strategies, placing a renewed emphasis on student-centric approaches. He stressed the pivotal role of teachers in nurturing a human-centric learning environment, advocating for a departure from conventional teaching methods encouraging a culture of innovation and creativity within educational institutions.

The unveiling of "Silent Revolution" marks a significant milestone in the journey towards redefining education paradigms, guided by the visionary insights shared by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar.


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