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Lifesaver Sage : Dr. Raut

Our Indian culture is built on a strong foundation of pure gratitude.

Gratitude - whether it is for creator nature, humans or pets or even animals.

The core purpose of these Indian festivals like Nagpanchami, Bail Pola, etc. is to express heartfelt gratitude to all of them, in every possible form.

But, the 'excessive thirsty' attitude of human being leads to many complex problems and crises. Snakebite deaths are one of them. According to the WHO report, 58,000 people in India die, due to snake bites.

This crucial problem that lives in the embrace of a prosperous Heritage Sahyadri, which is 'constantly' confronting many citizens, yet 'neglected'. The issues of getting medical help resources in remote areas and the lack of specialist doctors make it even worse.

A couple from Narayangaon is working on this issue, from the past two decades.

" Death of my friend's daughter, becuase of a snakebite, triggered me, from inside and the work began. And, today, it simply goes to the root of the problem, seeking medical treatment for it and I am busy in playing a significant role in reducing snakebite deaths"
- Dr. Sadanand Raut.

Dr. Sadanad Raut began his medical career at his hometown, Umbraj (Tal. Junnar, Dist. Pune), later on, he settled in Narayangaon, continuing the work of providing medical service. 'Vighnahar Nursing Home' , is now the home of all those needy patients, who are looking for medical help. Dr. Raut is now treating many needy patients at very reasonable rates (many times free) for the last 3 decades. This venture now expanded over Junnar, Ambegaon, Khed, Parner, Sangamner, Akole, Murbad(Thane), and many more.

A lot of affected patients prefer this place to testify to their effective treatment. For all of them, Dr. Raut is not only an angel but also the savior of many lives.

Even In the 21st century, the last option is in these cases is to take the individuals, either, the village deities or the temples to the local vaidya within the village. The video recordings made by Dr. Sadanand Raut, for spreading awareness have been honored by the WHO.

As per the Indian Mythology, it has been said that, during Samudra Manthan, the unwanted Halalhal (poison) was drunk by Lord Shiva, to save Mother Earth. In today's age, Likewise, Doctor couple is engaged in social commitment of use of knowledge while dealing with snake bites, Yama crocodile, Dr. Sadananda is the modern epitome of Lord Shiva, who accompanied by Parvati - spouse Dr. Pallavi.

In places like Narayangaon, the vows of social service adopted by Dr. Sadanand and Dr. Pallavi are not just limited to snake bites and treatments. They are the ones who rushed to the aid of the people in case of any natural calamity (earthquake, torrential downpour, etc.), are inspiring many by making a unique impression of their medical care.

It is better to say that they are continuing the 'legacy ' of the couple like Dr. Bang, Dr. Amate.

We would love to convey our blessings and for their work.

It is a humble request to the Government of India should honor his work by awarding him the Padma Award as a 'Social Gratitude' in recognition of his 'incomparable' work.


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