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Four distinguished women achievers shared their life journey and the lessons that helped them shape

Four distinguished women achievers shared their life journey and the lessons that helped them shape what they are today

The St. Francis Alumnae Association (FAA) organized a Guest Lecture Series at its premises in Begumpet in the city today.

The four distinguished women,

Ms. Swathi Kantamani, Head of CSR, Natco Trust;

Ms. Anu Acharya, Founder and CEO of Mapmygenome;

Ms. Mourya Boda, Chairman, Brilliant Bio Pharma Pvt. Ltd. and

Ms. Tejdeep Kaur Menon, a top retired police official spoke on "Life Lessons from a journey of four distinguished women".

Lecture titled, ‘Life’s Lessons in my Journey’ saw four eminent women entrepreneurs and professionals share their life’s lessons in their journey to success.

Sharing her journey, Anu Acharya, a serial entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in India in BioIT and personal and recreational genetics sectors in India recalled her initial challenges of fundraising, given that she was "in an area that is difficult for people to understand". She had a roller coaster ride. The biggest challenge women entrepreneurs face today is access to finances.

Mapmygenome India is a personal genomics company. What her company does is "allows healthy people to stay healthy" by decoding their genetic makeup and guiding them on "how to become healthier". By 2030, she expects to touch 100 million lives and save a million. Mapmygenome is Acharya's second startup in the field of genetics. In 2000, she started Ocimum Biosolutions, a genomic services company. While Ocimum is still run by its other founders

Mourya Boda Chairman of the Brilliant Bio Pharma Private Limited (BBPPL), a member company of TGV conglomerate which is into the manufacturing of Veterinary Biological and Medicines shared her share of challenges as being a woman entrepreneur. “ One must pursue their dreams with passion and give it their all to be successful.”, she said.

Swathi Kantamani, Head of CSR, with Natco Trust (the CSR arm of Natco Pharma Limited), said “We belong to a privileged section of society and we must use our position and resources to uplift the economically backward.”

Tejdeep Kaur Menon is a top cop, always remembered for her work. A police officer and a poet, she has many feathers in her cap. She shared her life journey in a nutshell, which was inspirational. She told young girls to focus on becoming the very best version of themselves. Confidence and courage are key, she said.

Welcoming the gathering Dr. Sr. Sandra Horta, Principal of the college said, “it is a laudable initiative, as learning is a continuous process, both within and outside the classroom. Life Lessons.

Life is not easy, it is complex, profound, and full of ups and downs, surprises and challenges and whatnot. While some manage with ease, others struggle. There is a lot to learn from everyone's life journey. They are the very important lessons she added.

The monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly or yearly Guest series is organized to draw inspiration and learn life lessons from the distinguished alumnae of the college as well as the outsiders informed Deepa NA, President of FAA.

The session with Women Achievers was organized to commemorate the week-long 'Women's Day celebrations. 300 plus staff, students attended the lecture.

FAA is a 40,000 strong alumnae from the 61-year-old, prestigious St. Francis College for Women.


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