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Gift-A-Livelihood - Freemasons to provide tools to regain their livelihood

Gift-A-Livelihood--- Freemasons of Telangana to provide tools to poor, petty traders, self-employed, homemakers, street vendors to regain their livelihood which they lost due to Covid

The beneficiaries include Teacher-turned-Shepherd; Security-Guard turned tea Vendor, the teacher turned tailor; a private job holder turned carpenter, and others.

Freemasons of Telangana extend support to small and petty traders to re-start their livelihood which they lost due to pandemic. Under the initiative “Gift-A-Livelihood”, Freemasons to present materials, tool kits, sewing machines, pushcarts, and others to 40 beneficiaries—the poor Tailors, Tea, Fruit Vendors, Cobblers, Mechanics, Carpenter, Electrician, Tiffin Centers, Tea Stalls, etc and others.

The material will be handed over to beneficiaries in a small function to be held in the city at Goshamahal Masonic Building on the 21st evening 4 pm.

The head of Freemasonry in India Mr. Rajeev Khandelwal, the Most Worshipful the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of India(GLI); South India’s head Mr. VG Madhusudan, the Regional Grand Master of Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India and the Grand Master Elect, Mr. Anish Kumar Sharma, the Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India will be gracing the occasion.

In a press note issued in Hyderabad, Mr. Madan Mohan Lal, Mr. G. Madduleti, and Mr. D. Ramchandram, the Assistant Regional Grand Masters said the Gift-A-Livelihood initiative was kick-started last year to help many pandemic stricken small businessmen and women to re-start their livelihood. Since then nearly 150 small business people, street vendors were helped. The sixth round of the initiative will be held on Saturday where another 40 will be helped.

Following this on Sunday in another function to be held at Nizam Club the Grand Master elect Mr. Anish Kumar Sharma, The Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India will be felicitated.

And the portraits of VG Madhusudan, The Regional Grand Master of Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, and three Freemason leaders for Telangana Madan Mohanlal, G. Maddulete, and D. Ramchandram, the reappointed Assistant Regional Grandmasters portraits will be unveiled.

Madan Mohanlal, G. Maddulete, and D. Ramchandram were reappointed recently for another term. They are the Assistant Regional Grandmasters (ARGMs) of the 291 years old Freemasons body in the state of Telangana. They served in the same capacity last year and are continuing this year too

Madan Mohanlal is a Lawyer. Magduleti is a retired Insurance professional and D.Ramchandram is a Public Relations practitioner. All the three re-appointed leaders based at Hyderabad have over 20 years of experience in Freemasonry. Before their appointment, they served the organization in various capacities.

The Gift-A-Livelihood is an ongoing initiative and more small business people will be helped with tools in near future too.

Freemasons of Telangana continue to extend material support to the needy, poor traders, self-employed, petty businessmen, small-time workers who lost their income source due to COVID. Also plans to provide post-COVID survival skills to help people earn a better and more sustainable business for their living.

Genuinely needy people may get in touch with Mr. D. Ramchandram, Assistant Regional Grand Master, Freemasons of Telangana, on Mobile: 9848042020.


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