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If anyone tells you, no, you can’t do it, reply, yes, I will and stop if you can: Sumit Agarwal

Rejected by 30 schools, Sumit Agarwal teaches the world how to live with Cerebral Palsy, be successful in business and create wealth.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, an Astrologer told his parents that Sumit would not survive beyond 33 years of age. “Now I am 31, but Astrologer is no more, " he said to a hall full of attendees of the Legacy Building Live program organised on Sunday night at the Park, Somajiguda by Fortune Academy.

Sumit was in the city at the invitation of Fortune Academy. He was talking to people who gathered to learn how to be financially successful

People told me that I walked differently, talked differently and looked differently. And nobody wanted to be a friend to me. So, I don’t have any friends. Everybody told me that I didn’t belong there. Now I not only survived, did an MBA, topped the country, started my own business and now I give jobs to others.

I have two million LinkedIn Inn followers. I helped 500 people with disabilities get jobs. I am on the board of several Fortune 500 companies as part of their diversity and inclusivity plans, he declared amidst the thunderous applause.

I have had four surgeries and 70% of my movement is restricted. So reduced mobility, muscle spasms and slower speech are some of the inevitable obstacles I still face here.

If anyone says no, you can’t do it, I tell them yes, I can do it. I also reply and tell them to try and stop me if they can.

Right parenting saved my life, he added.

Giving her opening remarks, Dr Mani Pavitra, who runs 9 successful businesses besides being a Dentist, said the goal of Fortune Academy is to create an army of people who are financially successful. She gave attendees her financial prudence. She told her audience to find comfort in discomfort.

Her husband Pradeep Yarlagadda, Investor, Trainer and Co-founder of Fortune Academy gave 5 stages to Fortune. He spoke about how to improve financial well-being. Though most of us are good at jobs but very bad at money management.

The event saw many people sharing their financial success stories. Many were recognised with awards for their remarkable transformation and achievements


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