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Soumita Saha is all set to come up with "Yaad Piya Ki" ft. Arindam Bhadra (Bumba)

This monsoon the drizzle of melody is turning interesting as Soumita Saha makes her comeback in EDM Industry with"Yaad Piya Ki". However, with "Yaad Piya Ki," Soumita has decided to blend her love for EDM with her passion for traditional music. " Me and Bumba da, we tried to blend two styles poles apart, and the energy Bumba da invested is unbelievable " adds Soumita. The fusion work in this song is commendable, as it seamlessly blends electronic beats and synths with the melodious sounds of traditional tune based on Raga Mishra Pilu.

"Yaad Piya Ki" takes us on a nostalgic journey with its lyrical magic. The result is a mesmerizing fusion of sounds that seamlessly combines the energy and beats of EDM with the soulful melodies of traditional music. "Yaad Piya Ki" is a nostalgic club number, a rarity in today's music scene. The song has been penned and composed by Soumita Saha while Ace music producer Arindam Bhadra (Bumba) successfully captures the essence of reminiscing about lost love while grooving to infectious electronic beats. This praiseworthy collaboration between Melotunes Records and Swarank Music has added an extra layer of depth and expertise to the production, ensuring that the final result is truly mesmerizing. With "Yaad Piya Ki," Soumita marks her triumphant return to the EDM genre, showcasing her versatility as an artist who can seamlessly transition between genres and create captivating music.

Yaad Piya ki is a beautiful song that showcases Soumita and Arindam's incredible talent and her ability to blend traditional and modern elements in her music.With a deep-rooted passion for music, Soumita began her career in 2017. Her debut orginal 'Ishq' was a hit, it's an EDM number that caught attention of audience. With the success of Ishq the singing sensation got opportunity to explore various genres along the way. However, it was her experimentation with Tagore Music in a modern style that truly captured the attention of music enthusiasts.With her background in EDM, Soumita embarked on a new musical journey by experimenting with Tagore Music in a modern style. This unique fusion of genres allowed her to convoy a fresh and innovative perspective to the timeless compositions of Rabindranath Tagore, as she became a part of two Indo-French collaborations.

Her dedication and artistic vision shone through her work, and she soon caught the attention of the Tollywood and tele industry. Soumita's mellifluous playback singing in various projects further established her presence in the music scene. However, it was her desire to return as a composer in her genre of forte that truly marked her comeback. It is where her wavelength matched with Arindam Bhadra (Bumba), a versatile composer and music producer known for his impressive portfolio of jingles and commercial numbers for reputed brands. The musical duo calls themselves musical siblings. Together, they created magic as they collaborated on a project that perfectly showcased Soumita's unique composition style and Arindam's proficiency in producing memorable melodies. Ultimately, "Yaad Piya ki" is a testament to Soumita and Arindam's growth as a musicians and their ability to beautifully capture the essence of traditional tune, evoking emotions that resonate deeply with listeners.

In this highly anticipated music video, Soumita shall be seen taken her artistic talents to new heights by incorporating elements of Van Gogh's iconic The Starry Night as inspiration for her art. It will be a visual masterpiece, as the traditional tune seamlessly blends into the electrifying realm of EDM. Soumita's intention is to create a captivating experience for her audience, where they can immerse themselves in to the visual experience of their creation.The audio is unique and intriguing fusion of genres, leaving the audience in awe and wondering how these contrasting sounds seamlessly come together. Soumita, true to her promise, shall be seen adding her own twist by infusing her artwork into the video. With her art and music intertwined, the visuals are anticipated to beautifully complement the mesmerizing beats and melodies, creating a captivating and immersive experience for fans. The release of this music video is eagerly anticipated, with fans eagerly awaiting the mid-July launch to witness the mysterious yet harmonious blend of a traditional tune with EDM and Soumita's exceptional art influenced by Van Gogh's The Starry Night.


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