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International Brand Equity will host National Startup Day 2023 summit & awards on January 16, 2023

The 1st edition of the National Startup Day 2023 Summit and Awards, organised by International Brand Equity Magazine, will be held on January 16th, 2023 in Bangalore to recognise and reward the efforts of the startups in India that have the potential to enable the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Vision to make India an Atmanirbhar Bharat in the coming years.

Through the summit and awards, startups will not only benefit from the recognition but will also attract lucrative financial support, partnership, business support, and talented human resources to their entities. They will also act as an inspiration to the youth of India to startup something on their own.

At the Summit, business leaders will talk about how to reach out to people on the ground and encourage entrepreneurs to start projects that will create jobs and have a positive effect on the economy. They will also talk about how to help the startup community and get more subsidies, tax breaks, and easy bank loans to help people build businesses in India that will last.

Discuss the enormous opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship available to India’s youth and economy, and boost the morale of the country’s entire start-up ecosystem. We will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect the decision makers of start-ups with some of the most creative, innovative, and ground-breaking businesses of the nation.

National Startup Day 2023 India, PPT - 1 mb
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